December 24, 2008

Must have mentioned this before somewhere in this blog….. compiling and putting out a book examining major Fukien Boxing systems plus cross fertilization with original Okinawa styles resulting in some of the Karate streams in existence today…

Easier said than done really. Just combing thru old books  based on Grand Ancestor, White Crane and 5 Ancestors is already consuming so much efforts and time. Getting through the “old style” Mandarin can be real murder, if you know what I mean and most of these books are scribed in precisely those old hands.

A couple of scans from 2 books from Ah Teck – first 2 pics are from a Grand Ancestor book and the bottom pic is from a 5 Ancestor in-house not-for-sale publication.

Priceless – to me and the work that lies ahead.




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