Pole “Saint”.

August 30, 2008

My admiration and respect for Por Suk is not easily expressed in words. The many sessions I had with him left me profoundly humbled.

If I need to pick what I like best about his many skills, I have to say the way he handles the long pole; whether it’s “6 & 1/2 pole 13 spears” from his Hay Bun Wing Chun or his “Chan Gar Gwon”, I am always mesmerized by his flow and fluidity.

Por Suk is “old school”, he would recite his “stick poem” with his execution – reminding me of my late Fuzhou Whooping Crane teacher….

Watching Por Suk reinforces, in some ways, my love of tradtional Chinese martial arts.

It’s not all about techniques, fighting and violence – it’s living art!

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