Since putting up a clip featuring “Overview of Wing Chun in Canton”, I received numerous messages regarding the book; most wanted to know how to buy the book.

So I look up the details and found that the publisher got a agent in Malaysia – Perak West Malaysia, managed by a “Ngo Kah Keat”.

The same Sifu Ngo doing WuZu Sanchin in one of my youtube clips. So,I called him and we spent about 30 mins talking about CKF and working together since Sifu Ngo, like me, is a traditional CKF fanatic 🙂

Anyway, to keep a long story short, we are looking at pdf version of this and many other books that they got in their library to facilitate puchases. Next month, my original travel plan is Kuching-Singapore-Johor-Penang-Kuching Now, I might just have to include Perak to meet up with Sifu Ngo. Fancy that – 2 complete strangers, one book, one video clip and possibly a start of a new journey….love it!

Here’s another clip  featuring pages of the said book :-

After about 10 days of intense discussions, touch hands and behaving like a tourist whenever time permits, it’s time for me to pack my bags and head on out to Denver.

Got a bunch of pics with me that are waiting for me to transfer and then uploaded for you folks ….. some pretty neat photos of gators when Russ and I went out on a air-boat ride in the marsh… I told Russ I must feel what it’s like to go out on one of those machine with that propeller. Too much “CSI Miami” hahahaha…..

3 weeks planned for Colorado- just about right. Got many old friends to visit; Uncle Bill, Uncle Wayne, Wayne Hinton……..

I have been looking up the weather up there online and I must say that it don’t look agreeable to me; 30s, 40s and high is like 60s ….. brrrrhhh good thing I got a thick jacket with me.

Hard to “whip” when muscles and joints are cold.

Got another clip here to share – from Russ’ collection again.

Taizu from Taiwan, I believe.

Now for some more sunshine before I fly to that big ice-box……

After my earlier entry about mainland Wuzu, a Wuzu friend here, spoke to me about how mainland is trying to “rewrite” histories of some traditional CKF.

A sensitive topic, I was trying my best to stay impartial and seeing how emotional he got during the discussion, I cannot help but think that this must be a common issue, affecting many, especially with styles that have shifted their hub to outside of mainland….

Wuzu, in my experience, has always been divided with dissimilar lines putting forth respective version of founders, histories and lineages. Still, for many years, these lines are able to co-exist cordially and occasionally even congregate and interact – all in good faith.

I think they are many, like me, who celebrate the diversity found within this style – makes examination all the more stimulating. Some lines are more skewed towards Shaolin, others are very White Crane-ish blah blah blah…

So why the furor now I asked my friend?

I suspect, as with many other styles of CKF, it’s a matter of “control”. To be perceived as the most “original” sometimes mean dominance and this could be translated to monetary returns and so on….

Everybody wants to rule the world – who sang that?

So to push oneself as the most “original” , “the real deal” and “most effective” is the trend and mainland understands this perfectly.

Cultural tourism is big there and I am not saying that they cannot do whatever they are doing – this is a “free” world after all.

Like in all things, the onus in on the “consumers” to pick.

When you want to take up kung fu; what is your goal?

It’s kind of like me walking into a local sport shop here to look for a pair of sneakers – you got your “Adidas” and also “Abibas”…..

And no one can tell you what to pick……















January 24, 2008

Right after the Penang event, my Tai Chor Sifu, Teo Choon Teck, was in China to attend his once a year’s Quan Zhou Southern Shaolin convention; a grouping that has been, in recent years, very proactively gathering Fukien CKF schools from all over to convene.

I don’t really know the fine details apart from that there are talks about standardization of training materials etc etc…

This particular group is concentrating on Fukien Cranes, Grand Ancestor and 5 Ancestor lineages.

I know that there are other groupings happening – like Ku Sifu’s Wing Chun group in Canton/Futsan, Zhou Jia, CLF…..

So perhaps China is doing something right this time considering the positive responses seen so far; back in the 70s/80s, similar efforts were initiated but usually getting cold reactions from overseas Chinese.

Time has changed for traditional CKF maybe?

Whatever the case may be, it’s good to see traditional stylists from various parts working together openly to sort things out.

It’s this kind of setup that will make life tough for frauds and charlatans; with the families coming together, it’s will flush them out, once and for all, for making all sorts of bogus claims.

Personally, as a Chinese, it is heartening to keep hearing about mainland and Taiwan taking steps to co-operate in so many manners.

This next clip is downloaded from; for some reasons, I can’t embed their clips directly. So I downloaded and repost it on youtube.

You’ll see my Tai Chor Sifu in the opening segments – the only one to wear a “Gi”, white top and black pants.

Ah Teck has been trying to get me to join him in China …..hmmmm this year maybe?

After my US trip ….











With the high connectivity of the World Wide Web and younger TCMA practitioners internet-savvy, many TCMAs are now more visible via videos uploaded by them.

Like I said before, back in the 70s/80s, the only source of info comes from magazines/books and these are mainly published in Hong Kong.

Focusing mainly on styles popular there, magazines/books and Hong Kong’s kung fu movies, were the main vehicle in expanding the arts.

Many grew up watching Hungga , Wing Chun and CLF movies and it’s no wonder that these became the most widespread in the last few decades.

5 Ancestors is one style confined to the Fukienese for many years. And with Fukienese resettling in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore, these places became the hub of this comprehensive style. 

Drawing skill sets from 5 major Southern styles, 5 Ancestors is a lifelong commitment.

Over the years, I’ve crossed path with exponents from various lines and discovered that not all follow identical syllabus or paradigm of training. There are even inconsistent versions of history and lineage. 

Found a video clip from one line that presents themselves as “Tat Chun body/達尊身, Grand Ancestor feet/太祖足, Lohan stepping/羅漢, Monkey palms/大聖掌and White Crane fingers/白鶴指

White Crane fingers; how very interesting.

Usually thought of as the most advanced, the fingers in White Crane are often described as “needles”.

So you have “Needles in Cotton” from Lama White Crane and “7 steps Poison Needles” in some Fuzhou Cranes.