When I logged on over at youtube, this clip and a few others, were highlighted….

Couldn’t make out the faces in the clip until I identified the dojo; reminds me of a Tampa Florida dojo I visited last year.

Then, it all came to me – Russ “GojuMaster” Smith demonstrating a series of drills.

I want to add my 2 shillings for the “Pass under” clip.

Russ, depending how you expend energy, the “pass under” could either be “SanJin” elbow-trap or “Babulien” heaven/earth hand trap/throw.

“Leading Cow” which is very widespread in TaiZu also is a “throw” with body shifting.

Love the way you lift your knee into the ribs making it “General Kuan Mounting Horse”.

And your double knife-hand strike is “White Crane playing with water” – the double handed version in Sanjin.

The horizontal elbow after the pass is a nice touch and if you flip your hand after the elbow strike, striking your partner’s back head, and scoop with your lead leg all together – you end up with “Crane Standing by the brook”.

Russ, nice work….. 🙂

Wish I got your energy to put up clips like these.




Another mainland production talking about WuZu 5 Ancestors.

I know opinions are split about history, lineage and even component styles that go in the making of this complex southern Fukien system but nonetheless, WuZu remains one of the most influential boxing systems.

What do you expect when you boost the compilation of the essence of 5 major systems?

The White Crane “inch power” mentioned is the way crane practictioners keep everything loose and relaxed until about an inch from the target then the abrupt focus – the “whip” commonly used to describe this execution.

Anyway, glad to see so many masters working together towards the preservation and promotion of WuZu.

And for those of you who read Mandarin, this is another Wuzu site from Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan).

They also do Hungga, Long Fist and Northern Praying Mantis.




For Mr. Smith…..

January 26, 2009

With his (sinfully) large collection, I’m not sure if Russ might have this Wuzu form already…

Still, it’s the thought that counts (so they say).

Just like the virtual mandarin oranges I’m presenting – Russ, they’re sweet, plenty sweet.

Nothing virtual about that remark, I am eating one even as I type this ….

Happy Chinese New Year bro  🙂


First International South Shaolin Wuzuquan Competition. Held at Quanzhou, China Dec. 18 -21 ,2004.

For my 2 fellow cobblers – they share a common passion – Wuzu.


For those of you who are familiar with 56, I think you’ll agree that it’s not the most navigable of sites, Chinese or otherwise…

Only found out about this Chinese video sharing site when a friend wrote to tell me that one of my White Crane clips got reposted there from youtube.

Actually, this site holds some real gems; if only you know how to find them.

Me? I bookmarked the main “Wushu” page and take it from there; working through a real labyrinth sometimes just to be rewarded with some real goodies…so it’s worth the search.

Anyway, November is going to be a real hectic month for me; got friends and students from the US visiting; most will be spending 1 to 2 weeks here.

Already, I spent a day with some masters here in Kuching to notify them about the approaching visits…..touch hands sessions are in order…..

Then there are other places to be included during their visits; some jungle trekking, caving, native villages to experience …. Off the beaten tracks kind of schedule.

So for now, some clips I found over at 56 :-

Choy Li Fut:

Tai Chi Combat:

Wuzu Sanchin:Interesting that I should find this version of Sanchin on 56 done by a mainland Sifu. This is the version I saw years ago at a performance during a anniversary dinner held by my White Crane school….I was just a kid back then  🙂

Another TaiZu Lohan Form.

October 28, 2008

Mainland TaiZu form – “Lohan Flipping River”.

Got to talk to Ah Teck about this, I don’t recall any Lohan form by this name.

In an old magazine, my late TaiZu Sigung, Quek Yong Hor, spoke about “5 Tigers Flipping River”. This form, however, was not passed down so ………

Anyway, typical mainland’s rendition – classy ….


Tai Chor Sanchin form.

October 20, 2008

The “backbone” of Ah Teck’s San Cheen Do – the Sanchin/SamChien series.

This is the first of 3 Tai Chor (Grand Ancestor) Sanchin forms. Ah Teck refers to the 3 forms as “Tien Ti Ren” or “Heaven, Earth and Man” SanChin.

Now folks, if you contrast this form with the one that my White Crane Sifu did; you find that clip in the Sifu Li Wen Shi’s entry, you would think that you’re looking at the same thing.

In White Crane, that Sanchin form is known as “Tiger Crane Sanchin” – a Putien Whooping Crane standard.

San Cheen Do.

October 15, 2008

Like I explained in one of my earlier entries  – San Cheen Do , a hybrid style founded by Sifu Teo Choon Teck, is the amalgamation of :-

Tai Zu or Grand Ancestor – GM Quek Yong Hor’s lineage.

WuZu or 5 Ancestors – GM Lim Wee Cheok’s lineage

Karate & Muay Thai.

Tai Zu is the backbone but spread throughout the training curriculum, you’ll see in varying degrees, traces of the other styles.

Karate is exhibited in the beginner’s forms with emphasis on wide shifting stances like in ShotoKan.

The way we spar is akin to Muay Thai and the Sanchin series is taken out of Tai Zu.

Here’s a form that you would usually associate with WuZu – “20 fists” or “Di Chap Koon” in Fukien.

This form is one of the items presented by Ah Teck’s students during the Singapore show in the park ….


This is good !

September 27, 2008

Ooookay, what a new sensation, reading this blog with contributions from Russ and Mark ……

Will be on the road soon; some 2 weeks’ duration and I will be leaving this site in the good hands of these 2 gentlemen. I will be logging in to read though and if time permits, update from the road.

But with Singapore and Penang; all that food, shopping …… for MA stuffs I mean – what are you thinking 🙂