More pics of Khadji in Fuzhou with Ruan Sifu.

The kid in green shirt is Khadji’s son.

This is good … all good…



Tale of 2 cities…..

December 9, 2008

Talking about having too much on your plate – yup! I got much alright…

Initially intended to be a relaxing vacation here in Kuching, Chad and Rich (2 of my students) ended up traveling with me to Singapore.

Amongst other things, to have some face time with none other than Jet Li – the “One”….

We also spent quality time meeting with Ah Teck, my Grand Ancestor teacher and Tien Ngoon, my MingHe sihing.

The latter did something unprecedented; he actually got onto the floor to teach some Whooping Crane – in a manner only he knows how.

In my 20 plus years experience with him, I can count, using just one hand, the number of occasions he actually touched hands with anybody much less teach.

Over the next few days, I will post pics and video clips from Chad/Rich visit.

Well, you know the song; if a picture paints a thousand words ………

dsc03607Pretending to be tourists at Singapore Esplanade

dsc03670 With my Sihing in my old MingHe school

dsc03701Seated in front is Ah Teck, my Tai Chor Sifu and Master Ong Eng Soon, one of the most senior Ngo Chor (5 Ancestors) elders today.

dsc03558Me and the “One”

dsc03572 Rich and the “One” in a deep discussion

With thousand of pics taken in Kuching and Singapore, the above are some samples; I will post more later.

Here’s a clip of my sihing doing “Babulien” with Chad/Rich.

Another video collage for Colorado School of Chinese Fighting Arts.

This time, only my Sihing, appears in the clip.

Well, this is the Sihing that my students will be meeting when they get here this November.

Hopefully, I can get my Tai Chor Sifu, Teo Choon Teck and maybe even Ban Chung Wing Chun’s Ku Choy Wan and Hay Bun Wing Chun’s Por Suk to join in.

Things are starting to look good already……. La la la feeling groovy…..


You know how folks like to say “Plant a seed and enjoy the fruits later” – very appropriate as far as my personal experience goes.

Some 8 – 9 years ago, I replanted myself in Colorado for about 2 years and taught my blend of Shaolin Lohan/Tai Chor/Ancestral and Whooping Crane to a handful of students. I founded a school called “School Of Chinese Fighting Arts” Not knowing where this path would take me except that it felt right at that time….

Then the regrettable 9/11 episode happened and I left the US only to return this year to find out that my students not only sustained training but have proceeded to pass the arts to their students …. What a gratifying development…..

Wayne Hinton and Chad Osterlund, my 2 direct students there are now teachers in their own rights and with stanch supports from Stacy and Richard Dean, I now look forward to  them maturing and expanding as an organization.

One big family is how I like to view this whole thing and being the “grand-daddy” I see myself visiting Colorado frequently….

Anyway, they got a website in the works and have requested for materials to insert. So I put together this video collage for them ……..

I begin the clip with my late Sifu, Sia Mok Tai, doing a “Crane/Snake” form followed by various Sihings and I have my only living Fuzhou Crane Sifu , Lee Wen Shi, finishing the clip with our signature salute – water hands to the “Ming” posture.

Here is Colorado’s website.

Also, don’t forget to check out my new TCMA on-line resource blog.

Well folks, in a few hours time I will be flying to the US from Singapore Changi International Airport.


These last few days in Singapore have been hectic; the video session with my Fuzhou Crane sihing, ensuring that I got everything right for the trip etc etc…


The tea session after the video shoot with my sihing was poignant in many ways; talking about our late teachers, the one surviving teacher in his 90s, the general state of traditional CKF in Singapore and the lack of incentive or support of any kind…..


Said this umpteen times; many old timers are dismayed and have opted to stop teaching altogether and many styles/families are vanishing right before my eyes.


It’s an uphill task but against these circumstances, I see what we are trying to do as right and essential; produce opportunities for old sifus and families to reactivate their zeal to teach and pass on their knowledge.


I see this US trip as a step towards that end.


Leaving you with a short clip of my sihing doing the end portion of “Babulien”, this is shot with a hand held digital videocam. There is another high resolution camera running concurrently – that I got to wait for analogue to digital conversion.










Managed to upload one more clip after organizing and packing my stuff for the trip; took up a big chunk of the day….

Taken from our Penang workshops DVDs, you’ll see:-

·         Sifu Liu Chang I – Feeding Crane

·         Sifu Chong Cheng Loong – Phoenix Eyes

·         Sifu Lew Joon Mew – Hakka Praying Mantis

·         Sifu Ruan Dong – Whooping Crane

·         Sifu Peter Tan – Hakka Mantis

·         Sifu Ku Choy Wah – Ban Chung Wing Chun

·         Sifu Tony Yap – Yip Kin Wing Chun

·         Sensei Russ Smith – Goju Ryu

These DVDs will be available for purchase soon.

Watch this space……