Ban Chung Wing Chun Kuen.

September 21, 2008

After the skype session with Russ and Mark, I was seiving thru some of my stuff, trying to get them organized and I found a box labeled “Por Suk”.

Apart from footages of Por Suk in action, there are some discs with him talking about history, concept etc etc including an entire album of old pics and handwritten notes; some are correspondences, from years back, between him and Poon Yu in China.

Re-reading, I realised how much info are contained within those letters, info pertaining to origin and migratory path of WCK from the “red boat” onwards.

I remember telling Por Suk then that if the opportunity appears, I would get them published.

Well, now with 3 brains, I think the time is opportune.

What do you think fellow cobblers – a book on “Ban Chung Wing Chun Kuen” ?

I will be in Penang for a few days next month and I can get more from Por Suk – enough for a book I am sure.

Yours truly….

August 31, 2008

Ahem!!! 2 of my fav poses from Ancestral Crane…

Pics taken last year in “Hok San” or “Crane Mountain” (see sign in bottom pic) – just kidding, actually, Kek Lok Si on Penang Hill.

But, did spotted some birds that looked like cranes that day 🙂

White Crane Singapore.

August 14, 2008

Here’s an old pic taken in 1957 – 2 years before I surfaced in this world…..

In the front row (seated) you see my late Sifu next to Huang LaoShr and by their sides are the 2 elders who, together, were the founders of the association.

Pak Hock Pai Singapore.

August 13, 2008

You know I’ve often heard this style referred to as “Northern White Crane” and always wondered what have I missed?

Talk to any of the Sifus, of any style in fact, in Singapore/Malaysia and you are more likely to hear “Tibetan Lama White Crane” and hardly do you hear it being classified as “Northern”, really.

I think this development started with folks trying to make a distinction of this White Crane from Fukien White Crane and given that Tibetan White Crane is, usually, done in an outstretched manner – much like most typical acrobatic Northern styles.

So it’s a matter of convenience.

Whatever the case, try telling Pak Hok Sifus around here that they are a “Northern” style, I think you’ll draw a blank.

I posted some “historical” pictures from Singapore Pak Hock Pai’s yearbook here and I thought I post some more recent pics in this blog…..


What’s in a symbol?

August 10, 2008

I know this is going to sound strange….

Growing up in the 60s, in Singapore, CKF clubs were rife. Most buildings were walk-ups – 3, 4 maybe 5 floors and without an elevator and rooftops, beside some utilities room, were usually taken up by Kung Fu clubs. So you lease a small office somewhere in the building and take up the roof space for training. The more affluent schools had it roofed, displayed elaborate signboards and decorated the entire perimeter with flags.

And you got to have an official logo – a symbol to appear everywhere. Uniforms, flags, banners, drums, lion heads etc etc….

Methinks, the CKF folks understood “branding” long before the Nikes and Adidas….

I love these symbols and these were pre-computer aided designing days so everything is hand drawn…

Sometimes, the symbols say so much…..

Got one here from Kuching White Crane school and notice it does not say “Kung Fu” anywhere.

Over this part of the world, it’s usually “gymnastics”, “physical culture”, “wushu” or “bodybuilding”.

“Kung Fu” or “time / effort” is more a Western thang!


Another video collage for Colorado School of Chinese Fighting Arts.

This time, only my Sihing, appears in the clip.

Well, this is the Sihing that my students will be meeting when they get here this November.

Hopefully, I can get my Tai Chor Sifu, Teo Choon Teck and maybe even Ban Chung Wing Chun’s Ku Choy Wan and Hay Bun Wing Chun’s Por Suk to join in.

Things are starting to look good already……. La la la feeling groovy…..


Stumbled upon this clip and it says “LingNam” Taiwan.

Interesting Cantonese flavored Crane to my eyes and I think my Penang Zhou Jia’s Sihing, Peter Lum, might be familar with this group.

The LingNam there does, among other styles, Zhou Jia.

Time to call Peter again……

So what else do I do here in Kuching Sarawak ?

Well….I teach.

I will elaborate later but for now, a short clip :-

Got some messages asking to view Sifu Liang’s “Flying Crane” mentioned in my preceding entry.


So here’s a glimpse; I would love to post more but I got to clear it with Liang Sifu first…you understand.


Also, now that it’s really shaping up – friends and students from the US visiting Sarawak this coming November, I am trying to put together a mini-gathering.


Masters from Kuching, Sibu and my teachers/seniors from Singapore will be invited; just an informal get together to intermingle…….


Of course there will be a very formal Carlsberg fight – special brew – the grown-ups’ version.


I am also planning a jungle trekking session and run with  “Hash Harriers” Kuching chapter….


For those not in the know, these are crazy folks who run jungle tracks and afterwards stomach as much beer as possible at the end point.


I know, I know …….. Feels like heaven……




Well, it’s starting to look like I could only update this blog sporadically what with 3 projects staring at me and all that …..

And it’s with one of the projects in mind that I find myself revisiting Sifu Liang, the senior disciple of the late GM Wong Yi Ing to request for more of old materials etc.

So we spent about an hour going through some of GM Wong’s distinctive White Crane legacy and next thing you know, we are “playing” again.

I took the opportunity to learn as much as I could from this energetic 85 yrs old Sifu and came away with so much White Crane goodies….including viewing and taping a rarely publicly demonstrated “Flying Crane” form.

I know I said this before – the more I interact with these old masters, the more I feel that I know very little of White Crane.

Just a drop of water in an endless sea……

Sunday today – lazy, sunny…..the perfect setting for some Carlsberg and “Kansas”.