New blog on the block.

January 1, 2008

By now, some of you must know that I am originally from Singapore. Came to this country, Sarawak, about 5 years ago and got stuck…and for good reasons too…

I had wanted to incorporate impressions of this country into this weblog and later decided that I should just concentrate on MAs with the occasional forays into music, my cats blah blah blah…

My colleague, Dianne, has started her blog to talk about Sarawak and frankly, I think she is doing a much better job than my feeble attempts in my old forum.

With her discerning eyes and a much more expensive Canon camera, her blog is colorful; the way it should be when you wanna talk about Sarawak.

Hmmm, now I understand why she has been sneaking up to everybody, shooting away with her digicam…

So there is a plan after all.

You can visit her blog at

I have added this link into the “blogroll” area at the foot of this page.

Browse at your own risk!


12 girls ….

December 14, 2007

This is another band that I listen to a lot; sometimes playing throughout the day in the back. 

Love the erhu, pipa …..heck love all 12 of them… 

One time, I even got one of their pieces as my cell phone ringtone….



Since the day was gorgeous this morning, too lovely to be stuck indoors, I decided to make another call at Leong Sifu or Lao Liang’s home for some more of his brand of White Crane.


And this time, I went all ready; a camera and pertinent questions about his Whooping and Flying Crane; the 2 cranes that are presently on my radar screen as far as “research” is concerned.


Specifically the form known as “BaBuLien” or “8 Linked Steps” that is found in both Flying and Whooping Crane; I am working on compiling all the versions found in White Crane together with the fist-poems from the various streams.


Russ has already given me many different versions from the Okinawa and Japanese side and a compilation would be interesting to folks looking into the background ands origin of the form.


Lao Liang, in his 70s, was so accommodating when I asked to view his versions and he even included detailed explanations of the “swallow, spit, float and sink” – crucial concepts embedded in the form.


Also, this is so thrilling; he suggested that I should show up at his place regularly so that he could pass his Whooping and Flying crane over to me.


And people asked me why I decided to stay in Sarawak…………








I know, I know, this is not martial arts….

This is ZHOU XUAN – “song goddess” to many, including yours truly here.

Someone noted in one of Zhou Xuan’s youtude clips :-

“I was only 7 years old when she passed away. But did I DISCOVER her. This video brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. Her music will forever lives in my heart! Thank all of you who took the trouble to post her film clips on YouTube. I kow-tow.”

I kow-tow too.

A classic Zhou song here that really stands on its own, after all this time – many covers but none come close.

A good friend was asking, why Zhou Xuan?

Well, if I need to explain, you’ll never understand…….

It’s been 50 years since she left …

May God bless her always.





You know, we actually invited many other schools/styles to perform in this event.


However, due to one reason or another and I was told primarily because we changed dates, many could not make the show.


When I was in Singapore, I visited the “Singapore Pak Hock Athletic Association” and GM Mok Weng Chow.


The warm reception at their rooftop school was heartening but because they are, coincidently, preparing for their 60th anniversary celebration right about the same time, the Penang thingy would not work for them.


Well, they will be more opportunities…..


A clip comprising of pictures from their anniversary magazine:-