Well folks, I will be traveling again from tomorrow and would not be back until May – got quite a fair bit of packing to do this time.

Besides personals, I got equipments, research materials and other bits and pieces from this part to give out as gifts to American friends…..

Then there is that stopover in Singapore for the White Crane and Taizu video sessions planned – aaarrrgggghhhh …… I need a bigger bag!

One thing for sure, I will keep updating from every stop – got no reason to think that I will have no access to the internet in the States….unless when I’m skiing in Colorado or hanging out with Najavos in Arizona.

Going to leave you with a Muay Thai clip taken from a Malaysian tournament; around here Muay Thai is also known as “Tomoi”.

Widely practiced in States like Kelantan, Muay Thai has been around in the Northern region for a while now; these northern states have strong historical/cultural links with Thailand.

Lately, I have been spending time with this fight sport with the intent of playing a role of launching this proper in Malaysia.

And if things go according to plan, you will be hearing more about this when I come back.

So stay tuned…….


Sawadeekup – Muay Thai.

February 9, 2008

Muay Thai – my path is crossing with this deadly efficient fighting art once again. 

Back some years ago, I was in Singapore and working with one of my Saolim sihings, Collin Chan. 

Collin, a successful businessman wanted to introduce Muay Thai into Singapore and there I was finding myself involved…in a very small way….. 

It was through Collin that I met Stephan Fox, the current General Secretary of World Muay Thai Council. 

Originally a Wing Chun man, Stephan went on to do and later became a champion in his Muay Thai career. 

And now that we are mooting the idea of launching Muay Thai in Malaysia; who else would I go to for guidance? 

Collin and Stephan, of course and that exactly why I will be flying to Singapore this month end – to explore…. 

To me Muay Thai is what effective fighting is all about – keep it uncomplicated and keep training repetitiously, solo and with a partner. 

To learn how to fight, you got to fight and that’s precisely why Muay Thai is so highly regarded as a “fighting art”.

It’s all about “fights”……