Siao Chong San

April 22, 2009




Another on-going topic in martialforest.

Saolim Monkey.

October 17, 2008

Before I move on to posting clips of other styles, I just want to share one more Saolim clip first.

The rarely performed in public “monkey” or “kao koon”.

The more I talk to masters and elders, both in Singapore and Malaysia about the late Ven Sek’s kung fu legacy, the bigger an enigma he becomes, to me at least.

Now that my Saolim teacher has passed, I find it even tougher to get first hand accounts of Ven Sek teaching methods.

I guess what’s left is to look at the art forms and skill sets he left behind.

One thing is apparent; Ven Sek’s southern Shaolin is special in many ways.

Even by just viewing his forms from a distance, it’s easy to recognize the unusual “flavor” that sets it apart from the other Fukien styles.

I am just glad that I kept all the old video tapes of performances in Singapore 10 – 20 years ago.

The Lohan, tiger, crane …… absolutely brilliant stuff !!!

Saturday night in the park.

October 14, 2008

Like I mentioned, I really did not know about this performance until Ian Leong wrote to me about it.

Interesting event named “Ten Traditional Martial Arts Display” , the event saw participation of Ah Teck/TaiZu, Sifu Ku Choy Wah/Ban Chung Wck, Singapore Zhou Jia, Pak Hok Pai, Choy Li Fut, Hung Gar, Saolim, Hakka Boxing, Internal styles etc…

When I got there, the performance had already started and next thing you know, kung fu families, teachers and friends were coming up to me, most were surprised since I did not notify anyone that I will be attending.

So there I was talking to Ah Teck, my Zhou Jia Sibakgong, Sifu Ku and the next thing you know I was directed to a front row VIP seat – which goes well with me  since I wanted to video the show.

I must say I am really delighted that TCMA is starting to happen again in Singapore.

Hopefully with more efforts like this one, we can return CKF to its former glory on the island.

So for all your folks out there, I will be posting clips from the show, starting with this one – Saolim Crane.


Wayne in Soalim Lohan Posture. Wayne in Saolim Lohan Posture.

Saolim Lohan 2

Stacy – Tai Chor /Grand Ancestor Boxing.

Closing Posture – Grand Ancestor Boxing.

Richard – Whooping Crane.

Saolim Lohan.

Jim – Whooping Crane.

Whooping Crane.

Britney – Tai Chor.

Tai Chor.

I was at Wayne’s school again last evening, working to pass on a White Crane stick form before I leave Colorado.

Wayne is one of my students when I was here last and to , now, see him teach others the arts that I taught him is really “fulfilling”…..

Frankly, I am getting quite a kick out of watching his students do White Crane, Tai Chor and Saolim; what a dedicated lot……..

SaoLim Old Guard.

March 9, 2008

This recent hop over to Singapore saw me sitting down with some SaoLim elders over at Siao Teck San School; one of the oldest SaoLim schools still teaching in the “old fashion” manner.

The few hours I spent with Sifu Lew was a real eye-opener as he took me through some of the methods that the late Ven. Sek used to train disciples.

We started out talking about the current state of affairs in SaoLim, forms, techniques and future plans and next thing you know, it’s almost 3 in the morning…..

I really respect all these old timers who stay true to the methods handed down and having no interest in changing for changing’s sake.

Their attitude is to continuously polish what they have learned to reach the highest level and this means constantly challenging their own thresholds.

Sifu Liew commented that many dismissed traditional MAs as “unusable” because they lack the knowledge of making it work in the first place.

Either they were not taught or taught by someone who is equally in the dark.

The techniques are one thing, what really counts is the training process involved to fully master them and this calls for long period of time understudying a qualified teacher.

There is no other way…….


SaoLim Lotus Form.

March 8, 2008

Folks, a short glimpse of Ven. Sek’s SaoLim Lotus or “Lien Huay” in Fukien.

 Sorry, the owner only gave permission to present partial view of this form …..

And for good reason too; SaoLim is one of the arts that I do since way back and over the years, there has been just too many perversions of Ven. Sek’s legacy.

Don’t know much about Medan, Indonesia but in Penang and my hometown, Singapore – all sorts of forms have been put forth as “SaoLim”. 

What I do know and this is confirmed by SaoLim elders, direct disciples of Ven. Sek, is that there are only 3 “mother” empty-hand forms :- 

  1. Yi Ki Muay or 1 stalk Plum flower.
  2. Lien Huay or Lotus
  3. Lohan

There are many other forms transmitted by Ven. Sek but these are the seed forms and every SaoLim student must learn/master at least one. 

Ven. Sek is known to have passed dissimilar forms to different disciples but these 3 are more or less elemental. Simply put, if you’re Saolim, you must be able to do at least one of the 3.

With the passing of many of Ven. Sek hand picked disciples, the race is on to document and archive as many of the skill sets as possible before it mutates to something else altogether…





Back from Singapore .

March 3, 2008

Just flew in from Singapore ……thru some pretty rough weather just before touching down …… aarrrggghh….this kind of excitement I can do without……

Short but really fruitful trip meeting elders in Saolim and also, finally, finding time to sit down and have a in-depth discussion with my Fuzhou Crane sihing about future of our style of White Crane.

I will update in the days to come but for now, a short clip from Siao Teck San – one of the very few schools left still teaching Ven. Sek Saolim – the way it was passed down.

The form in the clip is Saolim’s version of “leper’s fist” – the half clenched fists symbolize that….

One of the original forms taught by Sigung Ven Sek and, personally, priceless…..

I also got the unabridged version of “Lotus” or “Lian Huay” fists and together with “Yi Ki Muay” and “Lohan” make up the “mother fists” of Sigung Ven Sek SaoLim.

Something else that is priceless – sitting around talking to Saolim elders and having them relate what it was like training with Sigung ……

Okay… the bad weather flying is worth it……

Still, a little Carlsberg – to still the nerves you understand…..