Man or mouse ?

November 4, 2008

Since I am more or less the “chief crane” of the family, it’s my “chiefly decree” that all crane offspring must offer themselves to the “test” before admission into the inner flock.

Well, Chas passed the test on his first day here .. with flying colors.

And Peter bravely took the same test yesterday after summoning enough inner fire spirit.

So let it be known in all directions that anyone harboring any thoughts of visiting me to train ….. be prepared.

You have to conquer the “king of fruits” before we touch hands.

This fruit, durian, is loved everywhere in SE Asia by all, regardless of race, language or religion.

I sometimes think it’s the gel that bonds the many races we have in these parts.

Devoid of doubt, it’s the one common passion that defies logic.

But then, ask a westerner for comment after popping one in the mouth, you are likely to hear “taste like cheese with garlic”, “cheese left out in the sun for too long” or even worse “smells like yesterday’s fart”.

Tsk, tsk tsk ….. now we know what is the real great divide !

I say man, the UN got a long way to go …….


Peter in obvious agony.


Happier moment.

You know I am a Singaporean who has been living/working in Sarawak Malaysia for the past 5 years…..

So it’s like everywhere I go I get asked – “What is it like living in Malaysia?” , “Don’t you miss the urban lifestyle in Singapore” etc etc etc…..

Well, to me, Malaysia has got a nice mix of new and old – some places are no different from Singapore, like Kuala Lumpur and then you also got places that seem to have stood still for the past 30 years.

Folks there live close to nature and every time I visit one of those places – I feel “groovy”…..

Now that’s something that’s very scare in Singapore.

And of course, old styles kung fu that left China and got replanted and maintained intact; probably the primary reason why Sarawak is such a discovery.

So instead of trying to impress with words, here’s a clip done up to promote Malaysia tourism.

And if any of you want to visit, give me a shout…..

Well folks, I will be traveling again from tomorrow and would not be back until May – got quite a fair bit of packing to do this time.

Besides personals, I got equipments, research materials and other bits and pieces from this part to give out as gifts to American friends…..

Then there is that stopover in Singapore for the White Crane and Taizu video sessions planned – aaarrrgggghhhh …… I need a bigger bag!

One thing for sure, I will keep updating from every stop – got no reason to think that I will have no access to the internet in the States….unless when I’m skiing in Colorado or hanging out with Najavos in Arizona.

Going to leave you with a Muay Thai clip taken from a Malaysian tournament; around here Muay Thai is also known as “Tomoi”.

Widely practiced in States like Kelantan, Muay Thai has been around in the Northern region for a while now; these northern states have strong historical/cultural links with Thailand.

Lately, I have been spending time with this fight sport with the intent of playing a role of launching this proper in Malaysia.

And if things go according to plan, you will be hearing more about this when I come back.

So stay tuned…….