Another mainland production talking about WuZu 5 Ancestors.

I know opinions are split about history, lineage and even component styles that go in the making of this complex southern Fukien system but nonetheless, WuZu remains one of the most influential boxing systems.

What do you expect when you boost the compilation of the essence of 5 major systems?

The White Crane “inch power” mentioned is the way crane practictioners keep everything loose and relaxed until about an inch from the target then the abrupt focus – the “whip” commonly used to describe this execution.

Anyway, glad to see so many masters working together towards the preservation and promotion of WuZu.

Another TaiZu Lohan Form.

October 28, 2008

Mainland TaiZu form – “Lohan Flipping River”.

Got to talk to Ah Teck about this, I don’t recall any Lohan form by this name.

In an old magazine, my late TaiZu Sigung, Quek Yong Hor, spoke about “5 Tigers Flipping River”. This form, however, was not passed down so ………

Anyway, typical mainland’s rendition – classy ….


Ah Teck will love this series of TaiZu forms posted on the mainland “56” site …. well, when I meet him next, I’ll burn him a disc….

This is a virtuoso Lohan form performance – crispy and demonstrating that flavor that screams “TaiZu”.

Remember during one very intense session with the late Shaolin Lohan Sifu, Sebastian Soh, we were comparing notes and he commented that “khim khar” or “seize and smash” in Fukien, is one of the signature concepts of Southern Lohan.

You see this at work all over the form…

Brillant, simply brilliant!

Tai Zu and San Cheen Do.

August 21, 2008

Our handed down history maintains that Southern Tai Chor is a derivative of Song Tai Zu’s Northern system.

Of course many theories abound about the source of Southern Tai Zu and there is no way of ascertaining which the real one is.

This much I do know; our Tai Zu consists of:-

  • Sanchin forms
  • 4 gates
  • Lohan

And a full-range of typical southern weapons training….

My personal take is that the Lohans characterize the “northern” root; the only forms in our repertoire that manifest the “one stance one technique” structure with bigger and more “flamboyant” postures and techniques.

The other forms revolve mainly around defending the 3 gates without exposing the rib cage – the “egg under elbow” typical Fukien fashion of execution found in systems like White Crane etc…

Ah Teck is very choosy about teaching his Lohan forms and so far, I have only seen him performed this couple of times in public.

A further verification of importance of Lohan; the logo he designed is based on a Lohan posture….

Colorado pics.

August 21, 2008

Pics of my students in Colorado – “stolen” from their website …. hahahaha….


January 24, 2008

Right after the Penang event, my Tai Chor Sifu, Teo Choon Teck, was in China to attend his once a year’s Quan Zhou Southern Shaolin convention; a grouping that has been, in recent years, very proactively gathering Fukien CKF schools from all over to convene.

I don’t really know the fine details apart from that there are talks about standardization of training materials etc etc…

This particular group is concentrating on Fukien Cranes, Grand Ancestor and 5 Ancestor lineages.

I know that there are other groupings happening – like Ku Sifu’s Wing Chun group in Canton/Futsan, Zhou Jia, CLF…..

So perhaps China is doing something right this time considering the positive responses seen so far; back in the 70s/80s, similar efforts were initiated but usually getting cold reactions from overseas Chinese.

Time has changed for traditional CKF maybe?

Whatever the case may be, it’s good to see traditional stylists from various parts working together openly to sort things out.

It’s this kind of setup that will make life tough for frauds and charlatans; with the families coming together, it’s will flush them out, once and for all, for making all sorts of bogus claims.

Personally, as a Chinese, it is heartening to keep hearing about mainland and Taiwan taking steps to co-operate in so many manners.

This next clip is downloaded from; for some reasons, I can’t embed their clips directly. So I downloaded and repost it on youtube.

You’ll see my Tai Chor Sifu in the opening segments – the only one to wear a “Gi”, white top and black pants.

Ah Teck has been trying to get me to join him in China …..hmmmm this year maybe?

After my US trip ….











With the high connectivity of the World Wide Web and younger TCMA practitioners internet-savvy, many TCMAs are now more visible via videos uploaded by them.

Like I said before, back in the 70s/80s, the only source of info comes from magazines/books and these are mainly published in Hong Kong.

Focusing mainly on styles popular there, magazines/books and Hong Kong’s kung fu movies, were the main vehicle in expanding the arts.

Many grew up watching Hungga , Wing Chun and CLF movies and it’s no wonder that these became the most widespread in the last few decades.

5 Ancestors is one style confined to the Fukienese for many years. And with Fukienese resettling in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore, these places became the hub of this comprehensive style. 

Drawing skill sets from 5 major Southern styles, 5 Ancestors is a lifelong commitment.

Over the years, I’ve crossed path with exponents from various lines and discovered that not all follow identical syllabus or paradigm of training. There are even inconsistent versions of history and lineage. 

Found a video clip from one line that presents themselves as “Tat Chun body/達尊身, Grand Ancestor feet/太祖足, Lohan stepping/羅漢, Monkey palms/大聖掌and White Crane fingers/白鶴指

White Crane fingers; how very interesting.

Usually thought of as the most advanced, the fingers in White Crane are often described as “needles”.

So you have “Needles in Cotton” from Lama White Crane and “7 steps Poison Needles” in some Fuzhou Cranes.





Here’s another form that we do in Fuzhou Whooping Crane that shows noticeable influence from the Lohan system.

From the punching to the “dragon riding” stance found only in this form, the Lohan influence is obvious.

Interestingly, most of the other “Whooping Crane” folks I’ve met don’t do this form now and when I did it in front of some Crane elders here; their immediate comment was “Shaolin”….

The “rolling hands” that you see towards the end of the clip is classic Lohan’s “Khim Kar” (in Fukien) or “Seize and smash”… 






Blurp….I’m back….

December 26, 2007


Hah! I am back – after a short breather….

Now let’s see what happened these last few days…

Oh yes, it was Christmas and Peter Tan (Hakka Praying Mantis) who is based in Miri was in Kuching for the holidays. 

We met and discussed plans to work together on starting a training center up in Miri as part of our ongoing effort to rejuvenate TCMA in Sarawak. We both recognized the fact that something got to be done fast and in a more “modernized” manner before the situation deteriorate further. In a nutshell; “repackaging” TCMA to bring in more youths. 

Then I got a call from Patrick in Singapore regarding a Wing Chun book published by a mainland company.

An outstandingly done book focusing on Wing Chun and I had mentioned to Sifu Ku, who gave me a copy, that my company is keen to engage in future projects with this company. Sifu Ku spoke to them and they want to talk; I will update on that when more info is ready.

But really, I was lazing around these last few days; watching “Stargate Atlantis” on DVDs, not too bad, they even had a little escrima in some scenes….

Now back to business – got another clip of Lohan Boxing, this time from 5 Ancestors…. I got a bunch of Southern Lohan in my collection and I will start posting them next.