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September 27, 2008

In Okinawan Karate, like most traditional systems, “Kata” is core training vehicle.  Here is an article discussing the importance of kata.



Karate’s Kung-Fu Connection?

September 26, 2008

There’s always debate about which Chinese martial art is the true mother of karate. Was it White Crane or Tiger Boxing? How about Ngo Cho Kun? Really, no one alive today was there, so we can merely speculate based on available research findings. Well, here’s a nice article my Sifu, Alex Co, wrote and I published in my now-defunct magazine “Martial Arts illustrated.” Co Sifu makes the assertion that similar looking postures means one came from the other. Well… yes and no. Without passing judgment, enjoy this article as more food for thought 🙂


Here’s the form I spoke about in my earlier entry; originally “Neik Paik Po” or “28 Steps” in Fuzhou, this form was “modified” and passed down as “San Feng Quick Fists” by Huang Laoshr to his students in Sarawak.

The form is performed by late Huang’s son-in-law, Sifu Yek Gong, in the clip.

Watching this rendition, the “Lohan” flavors just stand out.

Me? When I do the form, my sihing is always chiding me – too Lohan in his eyes. I guess that’s because my base in Lohan and the “crane” is smothered by my crude execution….

Let me video my way one of these days and show you what I mean.

White Crane Singapore.

August 14, 2008

Here’s an old pic taken in 1957 – 2 years before I surfaced in this world…..

In the front row (seated) you see my late Sifu next to Huang LaoShr and by their sides are the 2 elders who, together, were the founders of the association.

Found this clip of Master Jeng Shean Chin doing Babulien in a park.

Good to know that this form is alive and ,apparently, doing so well in Taiwan.

Love it!

Huang Xin Xian LaoShr.

August 1, 2008

Don’t really like doing this, pointing out “error” in other people’s work. But in this case…..


This youtube clip has been labeled “White Crane SanZhan or 3 Battles” which is not right.


The form is Whooping Crane’s “Ershiba” or “28 Steps”. The Fuzhou read it as “Naik Paik Po”.


Containing elements of Pan Yu Ba’s “Shaolin Lohan” Boxing, this is an intermediate form in Fuzhou MingHe’s syllabus.


If I go according to protocol, the late Huang was my “Sisuk”. He was my late teacher’s Sihing under Xia Zhong Xiang in Fuzhou China.


My Sihing (the one in the earlier MingHe clip I posted) actually studied directly with Huang for quite a while when he was residing in Singapore and took on the position of KF consultant with our association.


Huang modified this form in Sarawak and passed it on as “San Feng Quick Fists” and even after talking to many elders around here, I still can’t ascertain his motivation for doing so.


And another thing that I am still trying to figure out; Huang supposedly taught almost no MingHe here in Sarawak – he was better known as a Tai Chi high hand.


In fact, the only elder I’ve met in my travels here who claimed to have received the entire MingHe system 12 forms from Huang is Sifu Tiea Chi Kor in Sibu.


He is retired and so far our interactions have been mainly vocal i.e I’ve not seen his Crane in action.










You know how folks like to say “Plant a seed and enjoy the fruits later” – very appropriate as far as my personal experience goes.

Some 8 – 9 years ago, I replanted myself in Colorado for about 2 years and taught my blend of Shaolin Lohan/Tai Chor/Ancestral and Whooping Crane to a handful of students. I founded a school called “School Of Chinese Fighting Arts” Not knowing where this path would take me except that it felt right at that time….

Then the regrettable 9/11 episode happened and I left the US only to return this year to find out that my students not only sustained training but have proceeded to pass the arts to their students …. What a gratifying development…..

Wayne Hinton and Chad Osterlund, my 2 direct students there are now teachers in their own rights and with stanch supports from Stacy and Richard Dean, I now look forward to  them maturing and expanding as an organization.

One big family is how I like to view this whole thing and being the “grand-daddy” I see myself visiting Colorado frequently….

Anyway, they got a website in the works and have requested for materials to insert. So I put together this video collage for them ……..

I begin the clip with my late Sifu, Sia Mok Tai, doing a “Crane/Snake” form followed by various Sihings and I have my only living Fuzhou Crane Sifu , Lee Wen Shi, finishing the clip with our signature salute – water hands to the “Ming” posture.

Here is Colorado’s website.

Also, don’t forget to check out my new TCMA on-line resource blog.

After about 10 days of intense discussions, touch hands and behaving like a tourist whenever time permits, it’s time for me to pack my bags and head on out to Denver.

Got a bunch of pics with me that are waiting for me to transfer and then uploaded for you folks ….. some pretty neat photos of gators when Russ and I went out on a air-boat ride in the marsh… I told Russ I must feel what it’s like to go out on one of those machine with that propeller. Too much “CSI Miami” hahahaha…..

3 weeks planned for Colorado- just about right. Got many old friends to visit; Uncle Bill, Uncle Wayne, Wayne Hinton……..

I have been looking up the weather up there online and I must say that it don’t look agreeable to me; 30s, 40s and high is like 60s ….. brrrrhhh good thing I got a thick jacket with me.

Hard to “whip” when muscles and joints are cold.

Got another clip here to share – from Russ’ collection again.

Taizu from Taiwan, I believe.

Now for some more sunshine before I fly to that big ice-box……

Back to Kung Fu.

March 29, 2008

And before anyone starts thinking it’s all play here in Florida, I just want to (ahem) state that Russ and I have been real busy going through all the plans and projects that we got lined up – these will be updated accordingly through this blog.

Plus any free time we find, we are examining & re-examining the arts in our experience; White Crane, Karate, Taizu, Wuzhu,Saolim etc etc.

Including going through videos; those found on-line and others in Russ’ collection.

Like this one, taken from a documentary about Taiwan masters, another line of White Crane Boxing that I have not personally come across…..

More Sunshine.

March 25, 2008

Hehehe, got a friendly message from back home; a week in Florida and only 2 pics???

Okay, I am fixing this; pics taken on Easter Sunday, you’ll see more buildings and trees than people……