Well, lot’s of kung-fu and karate articles ’round this here place. Thought I would shake things up a bit and post a rare article I was able to write on a grandmaster from Negros Occidental, Philippines. His name was Herminio Binas (he passed several years ago) and he practiced the classic style of arnis known as espada y daga (stick/sword and dagger style).

He was named as the “grandmaster consultant” when the National Arnis Association of the Philippines (NARAPHIL) was formed and the titles of master/grandmaster/professor were bestowed on the living legends of the arts. GM Binas retired in my home town of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where by chance I met him and was able to study privately with him in his home and mine for several years. I assisted him with some seminars, as well, and have included some pics of us together from 15 years ago.