It’s about that time of the year again, weather turning warm … everything greening … translated – it’s time for me to visit my students again in the US. 

Planning on traveling to Seattle to spend some time with Chas’ school but this year, I am doing more than just fly solo.

As a prelude to what we have planned for next year; one event in Penang and another in Kuching Sarawak, we are looking into the feasibility of taking GM Cheong Wai Por and possibly, GM Cheong Cheng Loong along.

GM Cheong Wai Por, or Por Suk, is 4th generation Cho Gar Hay Pun Wing Chun; his Cho Gar Wing Chun should be an eye-opener for those of you familiar with only WCK that were routed through Hong Kong. 

He is retired and when I was first introduced to him, it took a little convincing to get him to rejoin the martial circle again. What I wasn’t prepared at that point, my perceptions of WCK had being confined mostly to Yip Man’s lineages thru books and videos, was his “old-hands” version of WCK. 

These last couple of years, work together with Por Suk, has brought about some major changes in my view of WCK altogether.

GM Cheong Cheng Loong should not be unknown to most of you; he being the spotlight of 2 books written about Shaolin Phoenix Eyes Boxing that are widely circulated everywhere.

Custodian of this highly effective Hakka fighting system, GM Cheong got to be seen to be believed even though he is in his 70s now. 

Touching hands with him, personally, calls for extreme awareness. Give him half an opportunity, he will slip right through and hit you hard, very hard in his special whipping manner.

These are 2 elders that are highly respected throughout this region and the idea of traveling with them thrills me to no end. 

A real honor for me, really.

So if any of you in the US reading this and want to host workshops by these 2 masters, email me. 


GM Cheong Wai Por



 GM Cheong Cheng Loong