Family portrait.

February 28, 2009



This is a pleasant surprise….. A picture to perk up my day….


Sent by Stacy (Warwick) Colorado, picture shows Wayne (Hinton) seated and his students. Stacy is on Wayne’s right. You also see Chad and Rich, the 2 who visited me here in Sarawak, in the pic.


Wayne is one of my earliest students in the US.


In fact one of the first 3 who started when I first taught there – what now? 10 years ago maybe?


The other being Chas, now in Seattle and Roosevelt Allen who passed away some 3 – 4 years back.


Looking at the pic and seeing Wayne and his students ……


Man, I must be getting old 🙂


Maybe I should just take up golf and stop thinking about kung fu – you know pain in every joint the day after ain’t exactly fun when you’re on the wrong side of 40.


Errrrhh, maybe not ….. been doing this sh*t for too long now to walk away now.


And then you got Neil Young who said something like “gonna keep walking until the pavement turns to sand”.


Well, no sand in sight …. yet …..


Have a good one folks.

Another TaiZu Lohan Form.

October 28, 2008

Mainland TaiZu form – “Lohan Flipping River”.

Got to talk to Ah Teck about this, I don’t recall any Lohan form by this name.

In an old magazine, my late TaiZu Sigung, Quek Yong Hor, spoke about “5 Tigers Flipping River”. This form, however, was not passed down so ………

Anyway, typical mainland’s rendition – classy ….


Taizu clip – better view.

January 22, 2008

Took a while but finally got the Taizu clip fixed. Now you’ll see more and hear the narration.