When I logged on over at youtube, this clip and a few others, were highlighted….

Couldn’t make out the faces in the clip until I identified the dojo; reminds me of a Tampa Florida dojo I visited last year.

Then, it all came to me – Russ “GojuMaster” Smith demonstrating a series of drills.

I want to add my 2 shillings for the “Pass under” clip.

Russ, depending how you expend energy, the “pass under” could either be “SanJin” elbow-trap or “Babulien” heaven/earth hand trap/throw.

“Leading Cow” which is very widespread in TaiZu also is a “throw” with body shifting.

Love the way you lift your knee into the ribs making it “General Kuan Mounting Horse”.

And your double knife-hand strike is “White Crane playing with water” – the double handed version in Sanjin.

The horizontal elbow after the pass is a nice touch and if you flip your hand after the elbow strike, striking your partner’s back head, and scoop with your lead leg all together – you end up with “Crane Standing by the brook”.

Russ, nice work….. 🙂

Wish I got your energy to put up clips like these.




Tensho Goju Ryu.

January 15, 2009

Hey, I know this guy….

Ya, I vaguely remember him from the Penang gathering.

Oh it’s Russ Smith, my comrade in many forthcoming projects.

Really, classy execution of the very “crane-nish” Tensho kata.

Before I call on Mr. Carlsberg – somemore pics.

A close friend and mentor, Sifu Liang is from the old school. This man is all about fights and taking out your opponents in the quickest and most economical manner – no posing of any sort.

His mastery of the “8 angles” of attack/defense got to be seen and felt to be believed.

I consider myself pretty fast but against this 75 yrs old Sifu, I am just that I movement late…..

As I was going thru’ my collection, I found the stack of 2000+ photos we took last year in Penang.

All the behind-the-scene, playing around and touching hands impromptu candid shots.

2000+ of them, now, how am I going to upload them???

Now it’s time for Mr. Carlsberg.

Kan Pei!!!

Huang Laoshr BaBuLien.

August 8, 2008

I am sure most of you must have seen this youtube clip of Huang Xin Xian Laoshr demonstrating BaBuLien.

Just want to note that you’ll see more of “Tui Ji” or “Push and Strike” in the late Huang’s MingHe.

I remember sitting around with elders after training and hearing them make comparisons of the various teachers and their methods…

General observation is that Huang’s MingHe is heavily “tainted” with Cheng Man Ching’s Tai Chi.

Well, can’t say I disagree; when I touched hands with him in those days, it really felt like going against a Tai Chi high hand….

These days, spending time with Sifu Liang, Wong Yi Ing’s senior disciple, and playing with his version of BaBulen, the sensation is totally different; much harder and directed at penetrating your opponent’s attack/defense with the 8 “angles”.

Last year, in Penang, Ruan Dong Sifu explanation of his BaBuLien was almost entirely all about “touch and go” – one of the foundation principles of MingHe.

And I got friends telling me that in Karate, they do the same form (Happoren) and to them, they treat it almost like SanChin…..

One tree, so many fruits …….