Ok, ok, it is not all kung fu for me here in Colorado. I do get to do some fun stuffs like when Richard (Dean), a senior of Wayne invited us out for dinner at a place called “The Fort”.

Set 6100 ft above sea level and near the famed “Red Rock Amphitheater”  this  place  is a actual historical fort, done up  real ritzy and  serves  elk, buffalo and rattle snake……

Yup, rattle snake and that’s what we had for appetizer – rattle snake cakes.

For the main course, I had the elk, buffalo and quail and they were all scrumptious  even the snake tasted  yummy…..

So here’s a big “Thanks” to Rich for a delightful evening …. even without kung fu.

Mile high.

April 2, 2008

After waiting 4 hrs in Tampa Airport; flight got delayed 2 hrs because of lousy weather, I finally boarded the plane to Denver. So by the time I touched down, it was already past 10pm and Wayne (Hinton) was there waiting.

It’s been about 8 years since I was last in Denver and the first reminder of things to come is the “cruel” cold weather – it’s freezing cold. I think I can forget about my sleeveless tees and bermudas – time to get wrapped up if I wanna to go out.

The hour long ride in Wayne’s truck saw the 2 of us talking about and updating , non-stop – so much have happened these last few years.

Well, I got 3 weeks planned for Colorado and I hope to visit as many old friends as possible and meet new ones.

One thing for certain, there will be much playing – kung fu style.

Got here a photo-slide of downtown Denver and 16th Street mall; the place that I used to hang out quite a bit when I was here last. I ask Wayne about the missing street performers and was told that they will be back when it gets warmer.

The doggie you see is Festis – Wayne’s dog that I am planning to sneak home in my luggage bags, if I can get Customs to look the other way hahahaha..

And the busy looking dude with his ear glued to the mobile is Wayne.

More later…..