CLF Ng Lun Ma

June 8, 2009

Got this off a CLF book:-

NG LUN MA (Five Wheel Stance Form)

The first long form intended to teach a student proper use of the major stances in Choy Li Fut, which are Dui Ma (Cat), See Ping Ma (horse), Ding Ji Ma (Bow Stance), Sieh Ma (Defence stance), Nau Ma/Tau Ma (Twist Stance) and follows recurring sequences of these stances, combined with sweeping steps or sometimes a kick.

Essentially Ng Lun Ma is only concerned with one important thing – building strong legs.

And here a mainland book featuring this form – the Chan family’s version inclusive of poems accompanying each posture.

For all you CLF buffs, enjoy:-

(click thumbnails for full views)

Okay, here it is, the complete book of CLF Snake.

Ya Ya I know some of you might have this already but for those who don’t , enjoy.

Click on thumbnails for full size.

Choy Gar Kuen.

March 6, 2009

Well, we all heard of Choy Li Fut – the combo of 3 styles of CKF.

Yet, Choy Gar per se, remains “out-of-sight” what with the little materials available on this.

Got a mainland Choy Gar book here for anyone interested.

Just write to and I’ll send the pdf file, all 2.5 Mb, to you.

No fee, no catch and you won’t get any of that “I will make you rich” crap – promise.

See, I actually sign up for a new email to do this – sharing scans and clips and those who know me, know that I love my “white88crane” mail address.

So this is quite a “leap” for me……… 🙂

ps. I am not sure if this particular “Choy Kuen” is the same as the one in CLF – look at words on the shirt of the Sifu – it says “Mei San”.

I’ve always associate “Mei San” with Hakka.

But hey, I could be completely wrong !


Here a clip that I posted about 2 years back – Choy Lay Fut. Click here.

This was before I started “disabling” the “comment” function days.

I posted this clip because I thought, and still do, that the moves shown are slick by any measurement.

I am no CLF player but I love their blend of long/short circular and linear combos and having just acquired that DVD, I just wanted to share a little with youtubers….

Since then, look at some of the comments posted – what is wrong with some people???

You don’t like what you see, fine.

I don’t like many things but you don’t find me busy writing boorish comments…

Hey, this got nothing to do with “mo-duk” or “Wu De” – this is common everyday expected good manners!!! Or more accurately, lack of it!!!

Geeeesh, and people asked me why I block comments these days.

For those of you who are familiar with 56, I think you’ll agree that it’s not the most navigable of sites, Chinese or otherwise…

Only found out about this Chinese video sharing site when a friend wrote to tell me that one of my White Crane clips got reposted there from youtube.

Actually, this site holds some real gems; if only you know how to find them.

Me? I bookmarked the main “Wushu” page and take it from there; working through a real labyrinth sometimes just to be rewarded with some real goodies…so it’s worth the search.

Anyway, November is going to be a real hectic month for me; got friends and students from the US visiting; most will be spending 1 to 2 weeks here.

Already, I spent a day with some masters here in Kuching to notify them about the approaching visits…..touch hands sessions are in order…..

Then there are other places to be included during their visits; some jungle trekking, caving, native villages to experience …. Off the beaten tracks kind of schedule.

So for now, some clips I found over at 56 :-

Choy Li Fut:

Tai Chi Combat:

Wuzu Sanchin:Interesting that I should find this version of Sanchin on 56 done by a mainland Sifu. This is the version I saw years ago at a performance during a anniversary dinner held by my White Crane school….I was just a kid back then  🙂

GM Chia Yan Soon.

October 23, 2008

First met this current leader of Singapore Hong Sheng Koon, Choy Li Fut, early last year in his school.

GM Chia is very open when it comes to sharing his branch of Choy Li Fut; I got a bunch of videos and books from him during that visit – still going through some of those to gain better insights into Choy Li Fut.

He did “Yi Jin Jing” for the camera last year;the same form that he personally presented during the recent MA Display in the park.

Frankly, I got no idea that CLF includes a YJJ form…always associated the form with mainstream Shaolin….

Just goes to show how little I do know !


August 25, 2008

I am in the midst of setting up the on-line store over at cafepress.

Here’s a preview of some of the concepts that my designer is working on; not the final products yet but conceptualizations….

Another thing that I get asked quite a bit is – why did I disable comments, ratings and responses in all my youtube clips?

You know, I got no issues with folks slamming me in action; I am, after all, just a beginner trying to get better.

But when I persuade an elder or master to perform for my camera and agreeable to have footages uploaded to youtube for public viewing, I don’t need folks with no clue to start posting off-putting remarks.

Hey, to me is just like music; you like your rap, techno or whatever but I’ll stick to my music from the 30s and 40s.

And that don’t give me the privilege to run your genre down.

Oftentimes, some of the masters are doing stuff that are new and alien even to me and gotta tell you, I have seen a fair bit in my time growing up in SE Asia…

Which wise old man said this with a guitar?


“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand”!

That said, got another clip uploaded – with everything disabled again …………..


ooookay, finally , breakthrough – one thin magazine fully uploaded.

CLF magazine here.

Now some Carlsberg and then …….


February 9, 2008

Downloaded 2 more clips from youku.

The first is a mainland produced documentary series and this particular clip focuses on Choy Li Fut.

Love the portion where the Sifu describes the 3 components of this style….

The second clip is about Tai Chi push hand – one of the better ones I’ve seen.

You know what, you should really go to youku and view all these entirely….