Found a mainland CCTV clip uploaded to “youku” briefly describing the characteristics of 5 Ancestors Boxing.

Ah Teck (my TaiZu teacher) apprears at the end of the clip; this should make him happy …. 🙂

I doubt if he is even aware …..

Anyway, Ah Teck is trained in both TaiZu and Wuzu. 

Got it from the late WuZu GM. Lim Wee Cheok.

Wenzhou (simplified Chinese: 温州; traditional Chinese: 溫州; pinyin: Wēnzhōu) is a prefecture-level city in southeastern Zhejiang province of the People’s Republic of China. It has a population of 7,645,700 in 2007, with 1,423,600 residents in the urban area of the city. It also administers 2 satellite cities and 6 counties. It borders Lishui to the west, Taizhou to the north, and looks out to the East China Sea to the east.


A while back I posted a Zhejiang Southern form and said that there’s a unique flavor to the delivery – the foot stomping transition and the breathing noises.

I have been looking into Zhejiang MAs eversince the Penang gathering; I sat thru a discussion with all the invited Masters, centering around the sacking of Fukien (Fujian) Shaolin and the 5 divisions that were formed by the fleeing survivors.

One each in Canton, Zhejiang, Penang and 2 in Fukien.

As with all things, the resettled arts took on local “colors”.

Found a series of Wenzhou, Zhejiang 5 Ancestors Crane, which bears the same Zhejiang’s characteristics with the clip I posted earlier.

So anyone “researching” TCKF got to be mindful of these different flavorings… one tree but many fruits….

For Mr. Smith…..

January 26, 2009

With his (sinfully) large collection, I’m not sure if Russ might have this Wuzu form already…

Still, it’s the thought that counts (so they say).

Just like the virtual mandarin oranges I’m presenting – Russ, they’re sweet, plenty sweet.

Nothing virtual about that remark, I am eating one even as I type this ….

Happy Chinese New Year bro  🙂


San Cheen Do.

October 15, 2008

Like I explained in one of my earlier entries  – San Cheen Do , a hybrid style founded by Sifu Teo Choon Teck, is the amalgamation of :-

Tai Zu or Grand Ancestor – GM Quek Yong Hor’s lineage.

WuZu or 5 Ancestors – GM Lim Wee Cheok’s lineage

Karate & Muay Thai.

Tai Zu is the backbone but spread throughout the training curriculum, you’ll see in varying degrees, traces of the other styles.

Karate is exhibited in the beginner’s forms with emphasis on wide shifting stances like in ShotoKan.

The way we spar is akin to Muay Thai and the Sanchin series is taken out of Tai Zu.

Here’s a form that you would usually associate with WuZu – “20 fists” or “Di Chap Koon” in Fukien.

This form is one of the items presented by Ah Teck’s students during the Singapore show in the park ….