So the year of the tiger is playing out just like some “feng shui” masters are predicting; dynamic with upheavals that hit at the roots of things …..Drastic changes, I say man.

Barely 3 months into the tiger’s path and already I find myself swarmed with projects, which is good – it’s better to be busy than to swapping mosquitoes…so says everyone…..

In front of me, I got these cooking in various stages and I thought I talk about each a little – just so nobody and nobody again starts thinking that I spend my days chasing dragons and tigers and ….. swapping mosquitoes…..hahahahaha….

  • Great Borneo Outdoors Challenge – This is a joint brainchild of Chas (Fisher) and ahem ahem ….moi. For Chas, it’s a no-brainer after having spent most of his life in the outdoors equipment industry. And as for me, with my modest forays into the caves and jungles of Sarawak, I just want more folks to partake …. This is a beaaauuutiful country for adventure racings and eco- visitations. Hey, I arrived 6 years ago and if actions do speak louder than words – I am still in Sarawak !!! In the next few days, a dedicated blog will commence to chronicle this event slated for 2011. This blog will see input from me, Chas and another gentleman, Troy Farrer ….him being  the main man in the  world of Adventure Racing; he is coming on board as our course consultant.
  • Our book “Chinese Of Sarawak” is now taking on a much larger format to include Chinese from various divisions of Sarawak and this is pushing back our launch date to end of this year. With the bigger coverage, we want to delve deeper into what makes the Chinese in this country tick …. How big did “old country” culture influence their fate and fortune in their new found home and folks, this is not a TCMA book per se albeit it did assume a significant role in the pioneer days ……and to think of it, even till this very day.
  • The company that I work for is also very pro-active in supporting local artists of various genres and you will be hearing more of this soon. My particular interest in this area is working with artists who are also familiar with TCMA and producing art works with TCMA as a subject ….. coming soon to a blog near you …………..
  • Wetland Preservation Project – no, I am not turning into a tree hugging eco-warrior but I am concerned, very concerned, with what modern man is doing that is detrimental to the environment. I mean look at the capricious weather that we have been getting lately …. You tell me it is not induced by mankind …………. So if there is a chance to do a little something….and that is exactly what my company is attempting with this project; a little premature to talk about this now, we are in the early stages but this is a gargantuan project demanding much attention …even at the front end.

But my deep-seated passion is still researching and documenting traditional Chinese martial arts transplanted into this part of Asia and that is my centerline.

I might meander off into other projects every now and then but I will always find my centre … eeerrrhh, what am I saying???

Well anyway, I think you catch my drift and for now, maybe the “tiger” need a little checking hhmmmm …

A mainland form, no background info available, known as “Suppressing Tiger”….. to me, a little Fukien (in fact, a small portion, the kneeling stance reminds me of Siaolim) and wushu-ish.

But that’s just me and what do I know?

Greetings from Por Suk.

February 14, 2010

Got a call from Por Suk today and his CNY Greetings; it has been awhile since I checked out his blog – been super busy lately preparing 2010 project papers – you know “WORK” !

Anyway, Por Suk (Opera Wing Chun GM), also told that he has got recent blog entries about Chas’ training stint with him, that plus a couple of CNY Greetings video clips.

Check it out…click here……

The deadliest art revealed!

February 13, 2010

The forgotten skills of “sushi ryu” …….. Now they only do fish … arrrrggghh!!!

First you wrap your arm around opponent’s neck, pull him down and double-knee his face ….. Muay Thai ???

Nah, this is authentic Eagle Kung Fu, as passed down by Grand Master Eagle himself.

Errh, the bird and not Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Timothy Schmit, Don Felder, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon ……


February 5, 2010

Ooops, with the CNY holidays forthcoming, I am trying to tie up as much as possible before the 1 week or so slack-off time; to binge on foods and drinks with relatives and friends ….. hey typical Chinese “family” time.

“To eat is to prosper and to gamble is naught”  … now how many times have I been reminded of this? But then again, to binge on calories and cholesterols laden food is gambling with your health, no???

But once a year, you get to push logic back and just be.

So what have I got to share today?

A Dahongquan clip 大鸿拳 clip that I found and folks, please this is not Shaolin’s Dahong or “Vast Red” or Canton Hong Quan or Hungga.

The Hong here is the Chinese character for a “mythical” bird and you can go to Baidu for some background info.

Here’s a link that you might like – click here.

An article about fading art forms over on the mainland.

Now this rings a bell – oh that’s precisely the same state of affairs that we are facing in SE Asia. The hundreds of styles that got transplanted in the last few hundred years; many are now just nothing but a mention in some old books or archives.

And on that note, I wish you happy weekends.

Hung Gar Umbrella

February 2, 2010

Something else from my video library, this time, a “Umbrella Form” nicely done by local Hung Gar teacher, Sifu Lam Chee Keong, a personal friend living in Sibu Sarawak.

Trained by his dad, Sifu Lam is one of those still steadfastly keeping to ways passed down unbroken for the last few hundred years; a philosophy that is severely challenged by this modernistic short-attention span generation.

Like your fast-foods, everything is about instant gratification ….. who got time to wait for properly cooked foods? I want my food inside one minute !!!

You know, my other big time craze is watches and folks, not your digital do everything except cook an egg sort.

I love military watches, simple uncluttered easy to read and constructed to take all the punishments thrown at you when you are dodging bullets.

And it’s heartening to know that, at least, in the world of watch aficionados the trend is going back to those qualities that matter….try browsing some watch forums to see what I mean.

Okay okay, before I start talking Panerai, Lemania or Hamilton …here is the clip :-

Back to blog.

February 1, 2010

Oooookay dokey ……now that I’ve got most of my paperWorks out of the way, it’s time to get down and …..get ready of CNY 2010 …….party- time……..hahahaha…..

Just kidding – I am doing a little housekeeping so-to-speak; going through files that I downloaded from all over mainland sites and putting some of them here for those of you who can’t navigate in Mandarin.

Only thing is, there are so many clips and I am running out of space to store them….really…and burning discs is not really my thing …..the last thing I need now is more books and discs.

So, I am starting with this short little clip of 7 Stars Praying Mantis GM Lee Kam Wing, a personal friend of my Tai Chor Sifu, Ah Teck.

I think most of you in the western world got to know him through the English PM book written by Leong Ting and guess what, it is still available here – Mr. Mancuso’s Plumpub.

Click here.

This is GM Lee’s site :- click here.

And here is the clip.

Stay on course.

January 28, 2010

So, here is the Chinese kuen kuit (fist poem) that I spoke about in my “Kung Fu Riddle” entry……

一出 三打 六发力

眼要对手 手要对心 手从心发

一伸一缩 柔中带刚 刚中带柔

来留去送 以快制动

脱手直打 以密打松

三阴三阳 力由腰马变

For those of you who are conversant in Mandarin, maybe now you would know which style of TCMA is being referred to.

Just as a word of advice, if you are thinking of quoting this or reusing it in any other form, be sure you don’t stray from the substance.

This kuit is one of the oldest versions (in my knowledge) of this notable style.

Don’t dilute before use.

Proof of life.

January 27, 2010

Arh,arh arh …. That is the sound of me gasping for air …. I am up to my nose with work after my trip to Penang.

2 full scale proposals to be submitted by end of this week …… arrrrrggghhhhh!!!

Annnyway, I got a bunch of DVDs that I am converting and hopefully extract bits to be youtubed for sharing, which reminds me; I am out of Carlsberg….hahahaha….

I did receive a mail today from one of my youtube subscribers; don’t really know anything about this subscriber …. Nothing but a username you understand?

He sent me a link of “Butterfly Palm” a Hakka style that I spoke about briefly in one of my earlier posts.

Yes, this style of boxing is still practiced in Sarawak but around here, it’s taught within the Henghua community. Henghua or XinHua is another southern dialect group.

The thing is that they are found mainly in Sibu and not where I am at now, Kuching Sarawak. Sibu is about half an hour away by air.

So the next time I visit I’ll try and make contact with them and perhaps capture their renditions on videos…..

Here’s the clip sent to me.

More pearls.

January 25, 2010

Well here we go – 3 pics from this Penang trip.

Top pic : when they say Penang is at the crossroad of East/West for the last few hundred years and that today you’ll see a exotic mix of East and West cultures, I think this pic represents that succinctly. It is not everyday that you see a Coke disc displayed right next to a “Guan Kong” altar. I took this during lunch at one of the many  coffee shops along Gurney Drive.

Middle pic : So you think you know everything about “Yong Chun” or “Ever Spring” hah! But did you know that in Penang, Yong Chun is also into trading??? What did I tell you, the more you think you know the lesser you really know ….. duh huh ?????

Bottom pic : Errrh, from the film set of “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” or maybe you’ll see Wong Fei Hung stepping out of that door? Actually, this is a part of “Khoo Kongsi” and if you don’t know what I am talking about, click here.