Back from “On the Road Again”.

July 4, 2010

So, it is official – I am no longer following Fifa 2010 – now that England,  Italy, Portugal, Brazil and unbelievably, Argentina are out of the running ……

Perhaps folks around here are right, the ball is round and you’ll never how it would spin for sure ….. But but but still, Brazil and Argentina no semi- final dates – I want my Samba Football!!!

Diego Maradona – WHAT HAPPENED ???

Not that I got the time to watch every game you understand; I just came back from another whirlwind working trip to Kuala Lumpur, federal capital, to discuss some of our projects with …hmmm…let’s see now :-

  • A Deputy Minister
  • Director General of Department of Museums Malaysia
  • Rector of Aswara – The National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage.

And the follow-up after these meetings is tremendous if we are to move our projects forward expeditiously.

Maybe it is just me but Kuala Lumpur, this time round, seems quieter – more pensive in a way. I stayed where I normally stay when I visit and this is the heart of Petaling Street or China Town to most tourists.

The usual open air market is still as vibrant as before but somehow the mood in the air is different – I don’t know, it could be the football season. Everywhere I go especially cafes and foot courts, big screens TV are inevitably present.

Even at the airport waiting area, a row of TVs were set up for waiting passengers to stay up to speed … football crazy country I tell you !!!

Then I was up early one morning and walking to a coffee shop for my breakfast and I happened to look up and guess what I saw?

A new (never noticed this before) or renamed hotel called “5 Elements” ….. now this is interesting.

A omen maybe?

Some pics from this KL trip :-

5 Elements hotel.

Tang City Hotel – This is where I normally bunk out when I am in KL.

What did I tell you – football crazy country !!!

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