Wow, it has been an unbelievably busy past 10 days …. Work, you know…

And not helped by me twisting my left ankle (the umpteen times) doing a move from one of the 3 monkey forms that I do – really got to remind myself that I am on the wrong side of 50 and “monkeying” around could be chancy.

Well anyway, did spent some times with a couple of the local masters doing some “dim sum” and naturally, the topic of conversation gyrated towards TCMA; not that I am complaining, its always good to hear them describe their experiences and show some of their “tricks”.

Apparently both these Hakka masters just watched the “Yip Man 2” movie and we talked about the fighting in that movie a little and one of them said that this is just pure entertainment.

In the 40s and 50s, it was wu-xia novels that depicted the martial arts; vividly described techniques with poetic sounding names of techniques sometimes completed with illustrations sprinkled thru the novel – hey I got some of these in my collection and we are talking pre Ku Long and Jin Yong ……

Then the 60s saw many productions of kung fu movies in b/w format and that kind of got everyone enthralled with all that flying around and fighting both bare-hands and with a mixed bag of weapons.

The movies carried on with Hong Kong mass producing kung fu movies of every possible genre. And this is most likely how the rest of world “discovered” CKF and if you think I am wrong, just check with anyone outside of Asia to name CKF styles and you would in all likelihood, hear about styles featured in these movies.

Hong Kong, a mainly Cantonese society, was showcasing mostly Cantonese styles. Styles from the rest of China, relatively, got exposure only quite recently.

Now with “reality TV” type of fighting sport from the West, many are convinced that this is the true objective of martial art training.

Well, hate to tell you this but for many (and I mean many) of us, this is just “amusement”.

Real kung fu training got little to do with entertainment, be it choreographed fights or sport fighting, no matter how “real” you think those could be designed.

The soul of Kung Fu has never changed – kill or be killed and don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating violence.

But what if you got no choice?

The 2 masters (in their early 70s) lived through the racial turmoil during the early days of the Chinese in Sarawak and it was exactly that – fight to win and survive or perish. Some of their personal experiences send chills down my spine – the bloody carnages …..

Now, when you have walked that path and survived with acquired skills, maybe you’ll appreciate what I am trying so hard to preserve.

Not what you see in the movies or reality TV fight sports but the heart of authentic CKF.

I know I know, this is a case of “you don’t know what you don’t know” and its tough to persuade those who don’t know that they don’t ……

You know?

Got a short clip here featuring some mainlanders with nunchucks; not exactly a “ Traditional Chinese Kung Fu” thing so maybe they are inspired by the late Bruce Lee or Jay Chou, I don’t know…

So if your inspiration is from “entertainment”, how good are you going fight and win….

And it makes me wonder.

Carlsberg time……