June 28, 2010

English 1 – Germany 4

Whaaaaaaaaaaa ?

Heavy flooding in parts of Singapore….click here.

Aha, found a clip that illustrates what I was trying to say about “whipping & splashing” jin execution – signature features of orthodox Fuzhou Cranes…..

White Crane elders are constantly reminding me – “No whipping no White Crane”…..

Or commonly expressed as “Body like willow and hands like bullets” – in the old tongue i.e

Love the way how some Taiwanese lines are keeping things so close to the core of classical Crane Boxing according to handed down manuscripts – the ones that are taking me forever to convert……..

Hey hey, it is from Fuzhou to English ….and the Fuzhou portion is already killing me!

One of the few sites that I follow consistently – here.

An on-line art museum curated by Meighan O’ Toole now helping to raise funds for The Gulf Restoration Network.

Well, you know what to do ……

Now this is where I should be – lazing in the sun on top of the world and blah blah blah…..

What ??? No Diving???

Ooookay, I’ll slither in like a ssssssnake …… and for more of this watery story, click here.

Dance of the Crane ?

June 22, 2010

Love the way this dancer do her stuff – no no no, I am not crossing over to “dancing”.

But just look and see how she keeps loose and focusing “power” only at the end of each move?

Arrgh, the often cited but misinterpreted “inch power” whipping and splashing that characterizes Fuzhou Cranes.

This dancer actually moves according to the way it is explicated in classic White Crane texts.

Coming from a Saolim background, it took me quite awhile to execute my Crane techniques in this manner.

The old Chinese Kung Fu idiom: – “It easy to learn Kung Fu but it is very hard to rectify Kung Fu”…….

Hear hear …..

Well like I said earlier, these last few weeks had been crazy….. Work ,work and more work …..No letting up in sight too!!!

But anyway, did managed to squeeze in some “fun” that came in the shape of a DVD entitled “It might get loud”; 3 guitar icons coming together and just “touch hands”.

Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White – 3 of the most important names in the world of 6 strings just sparring, sharing and shaking up everything around them – what can I say?

Except maybe that Kung Fu folks should take a leaf from these guys.

Let the hands and not egos do the talking – then maybe then, we will rock n’ roll……..

“Hey hey mama said the way you move,
Gon’ make you sweat, gon’ make you groove.
Ah-ah child way you shake that thing,
Gon’ make you burn, gon’ make you sting.
Hey hey baby when you walk that way,
Watch your heartache drip, can’t keep away. “

Tsk tsk tsk,what is this world coming to …. and where is Jacky (Karate Kid) Chan when you really need him   😐

SIR, yes SIR ……

June 20, 2010

Now remember who is Boss !!!

Another illustration of how kung fu training might come in handy in ….your occupation.