This past week …..

May 8, 2010

This past week has been optimistically eventful…. It’s beginning to look like the company I work for will be taking up some form of distributorship of Nikwax products for Malaysia; we just need to work out the details to ink an official deal.

Nikwax is headed by Chas in the US and here is their website ….. click.

Then after a long search, we finally found ourselves a writer, Cynthia Chin, to help out in the many projects that we got lined up; many stymied because we can’t really cope with all that writing …… hey, I write hideously ……..

So far I spent a couple of sessions with her and really, this is one fascinating person … besides writing, she is also into environment/wildlife conservation, a photographer, thrash mountain bikes and on top of all that, she got 4 dogs …… arrrgh, maybe she wears a cape and fly too …… Here’s her website …. Click.

Then I had to call Rich (Dean), one of my students in Denver, to seek counsel on some legal matters and got very positive feedbacks from him … so there you go … a roll …hahahaha…

And and not forgetting  my partner and I found 2 puppies ….after a trying search…you know – wrong size, wrong color, too passive or expensive blah blah blah ….

So, say hello to

  • Scooby – all white male.
  • New New – white brown spots female.

Errrh, “new new” sounds like “twisting” in Mandarin … you know like the way some ladies walk ….. hahahaha

Happy Days are here again ……….

I have never met this gentleman, Kahar, but we communicated a few times thru emails etc ……..

When I paid a courtesy call to his teacher, Sifu Yip Fook Choy in Kuala Lumpur, I was told he was out of town.

Well, anyway, here is a newspaper article about Kahar and his involvement in WCK ……

Click here.