A sad end, a beginning and now back to normalcy …..

March 26, 2010

Well folks these last 10 days or so was a mixed-bag roller coaster emotional trip ……

Working on our upcoming adventure racing project “Great Borneo Outdoors Challenge” is both stimulating and challenging …. to say the least

So much reading materials to cover in order to get more insights of this discipline but never a dull moment reading about the technicalities, personalities and my personal favorite, the gamut of gears and equipments found in the world of adventure racing – GPRS devices, watches, flashlights, knives ….. salivate, salivate already …………..

Then with Chas, the person smacked right in the center of this outdoor sporting industry working with me, what more can a man ask for except maybe my own Carlsberg brewing gizmo …..

But, life just like the weather sometimes can be mean and unpredictable; in the midst of all that positivism, my faithful dog Jordan, of 10 years came down with, according to my vet, terminal canine “flu” …..

What “TERMINAL FLU” ??? I was told to prepare to put him down because it could get real ugly towards the end !!!!!!!

Now now now, this I most definitely do not need, not when we are just about to start a journey in a new house – life sucks sometimes……

So with his dwindling appetite, we had to force feed Jordan multivitamins and antibiotics every day … but still we see him growing weaker by the day until about 3 days ago when I got a call in the office.

My partner told me it’s “time”…

I rushed home and there I was, holding him and watching him end his earthly journey …….and it was tough …..

Really tough …..

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