To all you incorrigible disbelieving modern Wushu bashers, relentlessly, picking on their flamboyant wushu cartwheels and somersaults in their forms ……..

Tell me this – what is one to do when you inadvertently step on banana peel???

Huh, tell me!!!

Why, you somersault to break the fall and look cooooool at the same time, you imbecile!

Now go eat your oatmeal and practice your standing on your head, flipping and all that …….go go….

Simply simple…..

March 29, 2010

Okay, back to talking shop …. To a salient point that I’ve been trying to make, like forever, in this blog and forums that I used to take part.

Kung Fu, the art of Fighting, is meant to be SIMPLE!

The objective is to take your opponent out in the shortest possible time with the upmost efficiency you are capable and this is a function of the sum total of your training.

Every component of your training must be to achieve this end regardless whether it is conditionings, techniques and even understanding of the principles behind the techniques.

If your Kung Fu revolves around “esoteric”, intricate and tougher than neuroscience type that need special “key” to unlock – I say “Kung Fooey”……………..

Working with TCMA masters around here these last few years, I come away with the certain perception that after spending an average of 4 – 5 decades, these masters become so polished with a just few techniques, executed at such high levels that it’s scary touching hands with any of them.

Each time I try something, they got their hands in my face – menacing I say …….

And with many of them, their fighting philosophies is really straightforward – to be fast, accurate and ruthless – attributes that they devote decades to achieve with their conditionings, forms, sparring or working with apparatus unique to each individual system.

Herein could be one of the reasons I stayed out of forum discussions these days …. I am okay with micro-viewing details and all that …..

But when you have folks adding legs to snakes, playing scissors, papers and stones and some just plain blowing smoke – all purportedly in the name of TCKF ……

It’s time to mosey along…..

Got a clip here for you showing Wu (Hao) Taiji Quan sample applications from their system.

Nothing fancy, just direct application of classical techniques that could be found in almost all Taiji streams.

Well, at least, none of that you touch me and you fly like a butterfly gag.

Now maybe if I sting you first ……hmmmmmmmmmmm……..

Thank you.

March 27, 2010

To all of you who have written in about Jordan – Thank you……

Some of you might be thinking, what is the big “fuss” ……. well, Jordan is family…dog or otherwise, so it’s exactly like losing someone in the family …. the same pain ………….

But it’s like they say, life goes on …. I got Jordan buried right in front of the house so in a way, he is still around … to me.

Again, thanks …..

Regular broadcasting will resume after this entry.

Now, some Carlsbergs in memory of Jordan.

Well folks these last 10 days or so was a mixed-bag roller coaster emotional trip ……

Working on our upcoming adventure racing project “Great Borneo Outdoors Challenge” is both stimulating and challenging …. to say the least

So much reading materials to cover in order to get more insights of this discipline but never a dull moment reading about the technicalities, personalities and my personal favorite, the gamut of gears and equipments found in the world of adventure racing – GPRS devices, watches, flashlights, knives ….. salivate, salivate already …………..

Then with Chas, the person smacked right in the center of this outdoor sporting industry working with me, what more can a man ask for except maybe my own Carlsberg brewing gizmo …..

But, life just like the weather sometimes can be mean and unpredictable; in the midst of all that positivism, my faithful dog Jordan, of 10 years came down with, according to my vet, terminal canine “flu” …..

What “TERMINAL FLU” ??? I was told to prepare to put him down because it could get real ugly towards the end !!!!!!!

Now now now, this I most definitely do not need, not when we are just about to start a journey in a new house – life sucks sometimes……

So with his dwindling appetite, we had to force feed Jordan multivitamins and antibiotics every day … but still we see him growing weaker by the day until about 3 days ago when I got a call in the office.

My partner told me it’s “time”…

I rushed home and there I was, holding him and watching him end his earthly journey …….and it was tough …..

Really tough …..

Nah just kidding ….. Edmond Wong, young Shaolin Hakka Praying Mantis Sifu living in Sibu Sarawak and another of his many talents ……

Btw, Edmond is also a accomplished magician, sings well and he has got some pretty nifty break-dance moves.

When can I say, he has got youth on his side …… and passion …lots of passion….

Keep it up Edmond … you can do magic !!!

Read full story about “changing faces” here.

It’s quiet here this week. Hope you don’t mind.
Thanks for stopping by.

Eric ………

So the year of the tiger is playing out just like some “feng shui” masters are predicting; dynamic with upheavals that hit at the roots of things …..Drastic changes, I say man.

Barely 3 months into the tiger’s path and already I find myself swarmed with projects, which is good – it’s better to be busy than to swapping mosquitoes…so says everyone…..

In front of me, I got these cooking in various stages and I thought I talk about each a little – just so nobody and nobody again starts thinking that I spend my days chasing dragons and tigers and ….. swapping mosquitoes…..hahahahaha….

  • Great Borneo Outdoors Challenge – This is a joint brainchild of Chas (Fisher) and ahem ahem ….moi. For Chas, it’s a no-brainer after having spent most of his life in the outdoors equipment industry. And as for me, with my modest forays into the caves and jungles of Sarawak, I just want more folks to partake …. This is a beaaauuutiful country for adventure racings and eco- visitations. Hey, I arrived 6 years ago and if actions do speak louder than words – I am still in Sarawak !!! In the next few days, a dedicated blog will commence to chronicle this event slated for 2011. This blog will see input from me, Chas and another gentleman, Troy Farrer ….him being  the main man in the  world of Adventure Racing; he is coming on board as our course consultant.
  • Our book “Chinese Of Sarawak” is now taking on a much larger format to include Chinese from various divisions of Sarawak and this is pushing back our launch date to end of this year. With the bigger coverage, we want to delve deeper into what makes the Chinese in this country tick …. How big did “old country” culture influence their fate and fortune in their new found home and folks, this is not a TCMA book per se albeit it did assume a significant role in the pioneer days ……and to think of it, even till this very day.
  • The company that I work for is also very pro-active in supporting local artists of various genres and you will be hearing more of this soon. My particular interest in this area is working with artists who are also familiar with TCMA and producing art works with TCMA as a subject ….. coming soon to a blog near you …………..
  • Wetland Preservation Project – no, I am not turning into a tree hugging eco-warrior but I am concerned, very concerned, with what modern man is doing that is detrimental to the environment. I mean look at the capricious weather that we have been getting lately …. You tell me it is not induced by mankind …………. So if there is a chance to do a little something….and that is exactly what my company is attempting with this project; a little premature to talk about this now, we are in the early stages but this is a gargantuan project demanding much attention …even at the front end.

But my deep-seated passion is still researching and documenting traditional Chinese martial arts transplanted into this part of Asia and that is my centerline.

I might meander off into other projects every now and then but I will always find my centre … eeerrrhh, what am I saying???

Well anyway, I think you catch my drift and for now, maybe the “tiger” need a little checking hhmmmm …

A mainland form, no background info available, known as “Suppressing Tiger”….. to me, a little Fukien (in fact, a small portion, the kneeling stance reminds me of Siaolim) and wushu-ish.

But that’s just me and what do I know?