Up close and personal … a little…..

February 28, 2010

Okay folks, first, apologies for the lapse in entries; hey, it’s CNY after all ……everybody is supposed to goof off for 15 days …. It’s a tradition thingy you understand?

Then  I want to express my appreciation to Kevin Mak, a Malaysian now living in Australia for his kind support – here’s wishing you a “Happy/Healthy and Fruitful” New Year….

You know, every now and then, I still get emails asking me questions like:-

  • What exactly is it that I do for a living around here? A Singaporean transplanted in Sarawak, do I even work at all???
  • Do I teach CKF around here?
  • Any other “life” outside TCMA?
  • Blah blah blah ……..

Weeell, over the next few updates, I am going to try to clear up some of these queries….and you shall see that I have got “life” abundant – I just don’t talk about it too much in cyberspace….. Not a big fan of “reality” internet ….

But, I think it’s time to get a little up close and personal ……a little ……..

Ahem !

I am going to start this exercise with “EDC” ……and for those of you unacquainted with this acronym; “EDC” stands for “Everyday Carry”.

From Wiki:-

Everyday carry (EDC) refers to various items, usually small, that are worn or carried by a person on a daily basis for use in everyday tasks from the mundane to the unexpected. EDC preparedness considerations can be partially summed up in Arc Flashlight‘s “‘Every Day Carry – most convenient’ class” flashlight criteria

And folks, there are many forums out there with this topic; I kid you not, grown-ups gathering to talk about knives, touch lights, multi-tools, guns etc etc….

I think what a man picks to carry everyday in his pockets gives a clue to who he is no?

So with that, here is my stash everyday… pic shows 3 knives and 2 watches ….I do one at a time. These are my current favs that I am showing; I got more (much much more) than 3 knives and 2 watches.

The “Astro Boy” usually sits in front of my computer monitor and sometimes, the dashboard of my car…….

Jeeeze, in Singapore I usually leave home with only my credit cards and now .. …… maybe it’s all that natural jungle I see around me ….hahahaha…….

Okay the inventory list ,going clockwise:-

  • My Samsung B2100 all weather/shockproof phone. If need be, I could use this as a weapon hahaha….
  • Astro Boy on top of my second phone , a simple Nokia. I carry both a personal and company’s phone.
  • Compass/thermometer and my Lamy Safari Fountain Pen.
  • My Pilot Laco watch from Chas and his guys in Seattle and the Gshock that has been with me for a while. This baby can take quite some beating I tell you and still refuses to give up hahaha….
  • The 3 knives that I take turn carrying daily. I practice techniques with these 3 a lot – you should see the log that I cut – looking like a lamb kebab…..
  • My LED torchlight. I need to stay out late most nights and some of the places I go to, especially outside Kuching main town are connected with unlit roads – talking about small kampungs/villages.
  • A ever handy carabiner – just in case….

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