Okay folks, first, apologies for the lapse in entries; hey, it’s CNY after all ……everybody is supposed to goof off for 15 days …. It’s a tradition thingy you understand?

Then  I want to express my appreciation to Kevin Mak, a Malaysian now living in Australia for his kind support – here’s wishing you a “Happy/Healthy and Fruitful” New Year….

You know, every now and then, I still get emails asking me questions like:-

  • What exactly is it that I do for a living around here? A Singaporean transplanted in Sarawak, do I even work at all???
  • Do I teach CKF around here?
  • Any other “life” outside TCMA?
  • Blah blah blah ……..

Weeell, over the next few updates, I am going to try to clear up some of these queries….and you shall see that I have got “life” abundant – I just don’t talk about it too much in cyberspace….. Not a big fan of “reality” internet ….

But, I think it’s time to get a little up close and personal ……a little ……..

Ahem !

I am going to start this exercise with “EDC” ……and for those of you unacquainted with this acronym; “EDC” stands for “Everyday Carry”.

From Wiki:-

Everyday carry (EDC) refers to various items, usually small, that are worn or carried by a person on a daily basis for use in everyday tasks from the mundane to the unexpected. EDC preparedness considerations can be partially summed up in Arc Flashlight‘s “‘Every Day Carry – most convenient’ class” flashlight criteria

And folks, there are many forums out there with this topic; I kid you not, grown-ups gathering to talk about knives, touch lights, multi-tools, guns etc etc….

I think what a man picks to carry everyday in his pockets gives a clue to who he is no?

So with that, here is my stash everyday… pic shows 3 knives and 2 watches ….I do one at a time. These are my current favs that I am showing; I got more (much much more) than 3 knives and 2 watches.

The “Astro Boy” usually sits in front of my computer monitor and sometimes, the dashboard of my car…….

Jeeeze, in Singapore I usually leave home with only my credit cards and now .. …… maybe it’s all that natural jungle I see around me ….hahahaha…….

Okay the inventory list ,going clockwise:-

  • My Samsung B2100 all weather/shockproof phone. If need be, I could use this as a weapon hahaha….
  • Astro Boy on top of my second phone , a simple Nokia. I carry both a personal and company’s phone.
  • Compass/thermometer and my Lamy Safari Fountain Pen.
  • My Pilot Laco watch from Chas and his guys in Seattle and the Gshock that has been with me for a while. This baby can take quite some beating I tell you and still refuses to give up hahaha….
  • The 3 knives that I take turn carrying daily. I practice techniques with these 3 a lot – you should see the log that I cut – looking like a lamb kebab…..
  • My LED torchlight. I need to stay out late most nights and some of the places I go to, especially outside Kuching main town are connected with unlit roads – talking about small kampungs/villages.
  • A ever handy carabiner – just in case….

Greetings from Por Suk.

February 14, 2010

Got a call from Por Suk today and his CNY Greetings; it has been awhile since I checked out his blog – been super busy lately preparing 2010 project papers – you know “WORK” !

Anyway, Por Suk (Opera Wing Chun GM), also told that he has got recent blog entries about Chas’ training stint with him, that plus a couple of CNY Greetings video clips.

Check it out…click here……

Ouch , this hurts…..

February 14, 2010

Only 100 pieces will be produced and the retail price is about $5,151 USD.

USD 5 big ones, dude, that is enough to buy a decent 2nd hand car around here !!! ……. click here.

But, but the watch got my fav super hero “Astro Boy” on the face …. I know, I am going to learn how to assemble my own watch and use one of the many old pics I got of “Astro Boy” on the face……….

Maybe …..hahahaha……

Thai monk walks million miles on barefoot …. click here.

The deadliest art revealed!

February 13, 2010

The forgotten skills of “sushi ryu” …….. Now they only do fish … arrrrggghh!!!

Living in Sinn ….

February 13, 2010

Pretty girls, beers micro-brewery style and the launch of Sinn U Black – enough to make a man hyperventilate ,I say …………click here.

Sure wish I was there.

Well, the “Black” is going on to my “wish list” of watches , after the Doxa, Nautifish, Panerai, B&R ……oooops pretty long list hahahaha..

First you wrap your arm around opponent’s neck, pull him down and double-knee his face ….. Muay Thai ???

Nah, this is authentic Eagle Kung Fu, as passed down by Grand Master Eagle himself.

Errh, the bird and not Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Timothy Schmit, Don Felder, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon ……


February 8, 2010

That time of the year again – mandarin oranges, sausages, waxed ducks and everything painted in “Red”…..

Chinese New Year folks and for the over one billion Chinese scattered all over the globe, this is the one time of the year that brings it together into one rhythm….. huh? What I am trying to say?????

I guess, the point is that no matter where you are physically, languages that you speak/write and lifestyles you adopt, you can’t never really deny your “Chineseness” – hey I did not coin that terminology, got it out of an anthropology publication…..

Or to quote the lyrics of another song :

Regardless of where you may be ,

Born a Chinese person ,

Die a Chinese ghost…..

Okay okay, no good to talk about dying this time of the year so here’s the 12 Girls Band with their rendition of “Congratulations”.

Yup, congratulations to all …… Chinese or not ……

Gong Xi, Gong Xi !!!


February 5, 2010

Ooops, with the CNY holidays forthcoming, I am trying to tie up as much as possible before the 1 week or so slack-off time; to binge on foods and drinks with relatives and friends ….. hey typical Chinese “family” time.

“To eat is to prosper and to gamble is naught”  … now how many times have I been reminded of this? But then again, to binge on calories and cholesterols laden food is gambling with your health, no???

But once a year, you get to push logic back and just be.

So what have I got to share today?

A Dahongquan clip 大鸿拳 clip that I found and folks, please this is not Shaolin’s Dahong or “Vast Red” or Canton Hong Quan or Hungga.

The Hong here is the Chinese character for a “mythical” bird and you can go to Baidu for some background info.

Here’s a link that you might like – click here.

An article about fading art forms over on the mainland.

Now this rings a bell – oh that’s precisely the same state of affairs that we are facing in SE Asia. The hundreds of styles that got transplanted in the last few hundred years; many are now just nothing but a mention in some old books or archives.

And on that note, I wish you happy weekends.

Hung Gar Umbrella

February 2, 2010

Something else from my video library, this time, a “Umbrella Form” nicely done by local Hung Gar teacher, Sifu Lam Chee Keong, a personal friend living in Sibu Sarawak.

Trained by his dad, Sifu Lam is one of those still steadfastly keeping to ways passed down unbroken for the last few hundred years; a philosophy that is severely challenged by this modernistic short-attention span generation.

Like your fast-foods, everything is about instant gratification ….. who got time to wait for properly cooked foods? I want my food inside one minute !!!

You know, my other big time craze is watches and folks, not your digital do everything except cook an egg sort.

I love military watches, simple uncluttered easy to read and constructed to take all the punishments thrown at you when you are dodging bullets.

And it’s heartening to know that, at least, in the world of watch aficionados the trend is going back to those qualities that matter….try browsing some watch forums to see what I mean.

Okay okay, before I start talking Panerai, Lemania or Hamilton …here is the clip :-