This is sad……

January 29, 2010

Even now, super clean and “hyper-regulated”, we still get cases like this in Singapore :- click here.

I don’t know….I used to think that the government was being too high-handed when they stepped in the late 70s to dismantle all the “gangs” and “secret societies” operating under banners of “Hong Men” or “Hung Mun” which, to me personally, is a part of the TCMA legacy; I know of many CKF elders’ connection to these since TCMA first resettled in Singapore.

But reading story like this one here, I think the government did right – jeeze, can you imagine the scale of the problem if left unrestrained on a highly crowded island.

Fighting for tufts would be rampant…….and I am sure you’ll read more of such tragedy.