Stay on course.

January 28, 2010

So, here is the Chinese kuen kuit (fist poem) that I spoke about in my “Kung Fu Riddle” entry……

一出 三打 六发力

眼要对手 手要对心 手从心发

一伸一缩 柔中带刚 刚中带柔

来留去送 以快制动

脱手直打 以密打松

三阴三阳 力由腰马变

For those of you who are conversant in Mandarin, maybe now you would know which style of TCMA is being referred to.

Just as a word of advice, if you are thinking of quoting this or reusing it in any other form, be sure you don’t stray from the substance.

This kuit is one of the oldest versions (in my knowledge) of this notable style.

Don’t dilute before use.