Proof of life.

January 27, 2010

Arh,arh arh …. That is the sound of me gasping for air …. I am up to my nose with work after my trip to Penang.

2 full scale proposals to be submitted by end of this week …… arrrrrggghhhhh!!!

Annnyway, I got a bunch of DVDs that I am converting and hopefully extract bits to be youtubed for sharing, which reminds me; I am out of Carlsberg….hahahaha….

I did receive a mail today from one of my youtube subscribers; don’t really know anything about this subscriber …. Nothing but a username you understand?

He sent me a link of “Butterfly Palm” a Hakka style that I spoke about briefly in one of my earlier posts.

Yes, this style of boxing is still practiced in Sarawak but around here, it’s taught within the Henghua community. Henghua or XinHua is another southern dialect group.

The thing is that they are found mainly in Sibu and not where I am at now, Kuching Sarawak. Sibu is about half an hour away by air.

So the next time I visit I’ll try and make contact with them and perhaps capture their renditions on videos…..

Here’s the clip sent to me.

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