More pearls.

January 25, 2010

Well here we go – 3 pics from this Penang trip.

Top pic : when they say Penang is at the crossroad of East/West for the last few hundred years and that today you’ll see a exotic mix of East and West cultures, I think this pic represents that succinctly. It is not everyday that you see a Coke disc displayed right next to a “Guan Kong” altar. I took this during lunch at one of the many  coffee shops along Gurney Drive.

Middle pic : So you think you know everything about “Yong Chun” or “Ever Spring” hah! But did you know that in Penang, Yong Chun is also into trading??? What did I tell you, the more you think you know the lesser you really know ….. duh huh ?????

Bottom pic : Errrh, from the film set of “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” or maybe you’ll see Wong Fei Hung stepping out of that door? Actually, this is a part of “Khoo Kongsi” and if you don’t know what I am talking about, click here.