And the answer is ………

January 20, 2010

1 technique, 3 hits and 6 power generations.

Eyes align to hands, hands align to heart and all executions start with the heart.

1 extension 1 retraction, hardness is hidden in softness and softness hidden in hardness.

Keep anything that approaches, using speed to pre-empt opponent’s execution.

Strike when bridging is broken, using fast tight techniques to overwhelm opponent.

3 ying 3 yang and derive power from waist and changes in stance.

And before I take off to Penang, I thought I leave you with a little Kung fu riddle; the poem above, tell me which style of TCKF are we examining here?

Just so you know, this is the  poem that a CKF veteran from around this region and I spent enormous amount of time analyzing.

Not naming him because that would give the answer away ….. A couple of lines are precisely the same ones that I was taught since I was but a kid learning Fuzhou Crane.

I don’t have my Chinese writing tablet ready; need to find the driver that for some reasons vanished after I moved.

Once I get that fixed, I will put up the Chinese version.

What I have got here is a horizontal translation that, to me, is falling flat….. there are just some concepts that you can’t really express properly switching from one language to another…..

Words get in the way.