My humble abode.

January 19, 2010

Okay, things are finally settling down with the new place. Most of the boxes are unpacked and now it is a matter of getting organized, particularly the piles of books, magazines and DVDs ….. hmmmm…how should I arrange them?? Dates of publication, northern, southern, internal, external, Chinese, Malay/Indonesian, Indian ……

Guess I will just go by the sizes of the book, start with the bigger ones and then line them up accordingly ….. just like in the army hahahaha….. hey, after all, these are books about fighting, a little regimental discipline can’t be wrong.

Then off course I will be flying to Penang the day after tomorrow and there are materials to get ready – working papers, budget projections like the one we used in our inaugural gathering in 2007 – we flew in all the performers, paid for their hotels and foods for the entire length of their stay in Penang, can’t you imagine how much that cost us???

And folks, we are not talking cheap motels and street vendors’ food here – we took up almost an entire floor of Continental Hotel in the heart of Penang, walking distance from all the major cultural heritage sites. Many of the meals were catered by leading restaurants ….. There was one evening that we spent in an open air food market and that was more for the Carlsbergs… need moonlight to fully appreciate good beer, trust me…..

So, to give you a glimpse of what it is like now for me now, here are a couple of pics of my new “home”.

Top pic : As you enter the house, you will be “greeted” by my 20 yrs old sword and a pair of butterfly knives – a gift from one of my students here.

Middle and bottom pics : My work bench mentioned in my previous post. This is one segment of the house that would probably never be neat – in a state of perpetual flux what with me pulling out books and mags for cross referencing etc etc….

I am hoping to build a mini video editing studio …soon …soon….