Yeah yeah I know, I am starting to lag a little in updating this blog ….. but then you gotta see the amount of work I’ve got piling up on my work bench.

Yup, I got a work bench as opposed to a regular table, just like a carpenter’s hahahaha …. At least, equally messy with tools lying around everywhere.

Well, with 4 cats, staying orderly is quite mission impossible; maybe I should leash them up ….. Nah, that’s mean.

Okay, before I do anything else, I just want to thank those who have written in with your encouraging words; I am particularly touched by those from mainland and I just want you to know that it’s okay to write in Mandarin.

And yes, it is time to really  “fulfill the circle and appreciate the fullness”……. Again, Xie Xie.

Got another mainland clip here to share and this time the spotlight is on the application of “tiger” technique from Hsing Yi.

From the form, to formal and then free style application, this clip kinda make me wish that all forum discussions are conducted in this manner and not so much of that I can piss further than you shouting matches.

Or mystification of TCKF that I thought went out with the “White Lotus” Sect……..