White Crane …. I think.

January 15, 2010

I knew it, I knew it …..

That it is a matter of time that someone somewhere would repackage White Crane for mass consumption with all that health-promoting and makes you feel good pitching.

Hey it happened in Singapore with Lama White Crane’s “Min Loi Chang” or “Needle in Cotton” sold by some “entrepreneur “ as alternative to Tai Chi, the housewife’s’ and not the martial version.

So do I like this senior citizen’s White Crane???

To answer that, I got to quote the wise words of Simon Cowell who, in one episode of “Britain Got Talent” asked rhetorically – “Do I like a dog that meows” after watching a contestant all made up like a punk rocker but sang an aria instead……

Okay okay, I got nothing against senior folks doing anything for health but this is too close for comfort ……. I guess.

So, before anyone thinks about tweaking traditions, think thrice before you act.

The outcome might not be what you expect.