Phew…what a way to start the new working year….with a meeting with none other than the Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak himself, Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr. George Chan.

So for about an hour, we were discussing a project that the company is spearheading and when you’re dealing with the DCM of the country, you want to be on your toes and your figures at your finger tips……

Can you imagine the preparatory work that went into the blue print?

So once again, don’t let it be said or even whispered that I don’t have to work for a living and on top of that, not more than an hour after I left the DCM’s office, a call came in on my cell to tell me that the authorities over at Penang want to see me about another MA event that they are setting up for the end of this year.

Got to get my traveling gears ready again …. Not that I mind this, another chance to play with Por Suk …. Nice ……..

But before any of that, I was checking the Hsing Yi form clip that I posted over on youtube earlier and noticed some comments about; is this wushu or traditional was asked.

Well, how do you demarcate really … with other forms, maybe, the distinction is easier to spot but with this Hsing Yi form ,which to my eyes , an traditional form granted done in a “exaggerated” manner plus this is taken from an traditional form competition, I really don’t want to be to quick to call.

Hmmm, maybe my Chinese Wushu coach friend is right; traditional forms are simply “modern Wushu” forms done “shabbily”…not that I concur with him, you understand.

But he does both, so maybe he is on to something.

Anyway, I got another Hsing Yi clip here and this time, I am pretty sure most of you would agree that there are traditional standards.

This whole issue is almost like the argument that you hear a lot lately – is sport fighting really “fighting”. If it is not, so what are they doing in the ring is one contention.

Then I remember when I was in Denver last and during one lunch with some MA friends, the topic of “Ultimate Fight Challenge” was raised.

So what is so “ultimate” a friend asked? Who died already?

Isn’t that the “ultimate” of fighting?

Well, folks, it’s getting late and I don’t really want to get into semantics.

My position is simply this; we can all debate until our faces turn blue or any other colors but when your trainings and skills are really tested…..

Just make sure the red you see is from the other person or persons.

Talking war on paper is in the words of Por Suk, nothing more than “farn farn” or “play play”…….