The bamboo carrying stick.

January 11, 2010

Back a few months ago, I was in Sibu to revisit some of the masters there to discuss the book that the company is publishing this year; many of them are going to be subjects, I took the opportunity to visit Fong Yang master Ting Huat Yong in his residence/school situated on an island somewhere along the mighty Rejang River.

That evening after sipping tea and watching Master Yong taught a small class, we spent a couple of hours talking about TCKF.

My curiosity in his Fong Yang is clear; personally it strikes me as a fusion of Fukien and Hakka southern Kung Fu with pronounced elements of each showing unmistakably.

So after an hour of show and tell from him and me, I asked him about a “weapon” that is widespread in Sarawak’s CKF circles.

And yet this is a weapon that you seldom find in most weapon racks in regular CKF school; more a farmer’s implement than a weapon really…..the humble bamboo carrying stick that you would find farmers use to carry watering cans or carrying produces to the market place etc etc….

In Fuzhou, we call this “bien dan” and this is a weapon that we do in Fuzhou Cranes. When I first arrived in Sarawak, I was told many stories about how this carrying stick is a favorite weapon of many pioneer settlers; you are not breaking any law for having one on you everywhere you go.

When I  met the late Huang Xin Xien most senior surviving student, Zhi Choon Fei in Sibu, he was recounting to me how the late Huang used an iron version of this stick to train his “jin”, a practice that is still done in GM Zhi’s school.

I think this is one weapon, besides the sticks that we do, that is most conducive for White Crane “touch and go” manner of expressing power.

Grip it too tight, you lose the intrinsic “springiness” of the bamboo but if you are too loose, you lose the stick.

Somewhere in the middle is the optimal or as we say it in Fuzhou “Pwan Gain Noon”.

The whole verse “Pwan Gain Pwan Noon Nyue mor tae thwon” or “Half hard hard soft, your opponent will not return” …….. That means your opponent is kaput hahahaha……

Okay enough of that morbid talk, here found on mainland 56 site is a rare bamboo carrying stick form.