Kun Lun.

December 31, 2009

Still working on my notes on Kun Lun; 2 unconnected sets, one focusing on Daoist Kun Lun and the other, Hakka Kun Lun Pai.

Maybe I should just scan and upload those notes, some of you might be able to make some sense of the “classical” Mandarin used in description but with my moving (yes it is not over), I am lucky to still have my internet connection…..now where is my scanner, which box???

And I was told that they need 7 days to transfer my phone line and internet connection to my new address …… aaarrrrrggghhhh …… 7 days!!! I thought “IT” is all about SPEED!!!

Anyway, here is a short clip showing a couple of Kun Lun techniques. I think this is Daoist Kun Lun.

But I could be completely wrong …… hahahaha…..

Still, very Taiji-ish …. Enjoy…..

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