From the horse’s mouth.

December 27, 2009

Another well produced CCTV TCMA documentary and here you’ll see excerpts from the “San Huang Pao Chui” or “3 Royal Cannon Fist” episode.

I really love all these continuing efforts over on the mainland, now that conditions are more liberated, TCMA families are becoming more vocal than during the “Cultural Revolution” era…..

The best part must be all that visiting and interviewing the actual descendants of some of the most well-known CKF systems, you’ll get to hear the genuine histories and mechanisms of the various art forms.

Folks, if you understand Mandarin, you’ll know what I mean and if you don’t, let me just say that much of what is popularly circulated now regarding histories etc etc about CKF is nothing more than just work of fiction.

I am working on the “Hong Jia” or “Hungga” piece that I downloaded and I got to tell you, I am finding out how much of what is known as Hungga is just movie industries’ creative story telling……

One Response to “From the horse’s mouth.”

  1. Leon Says:

    hello, thank you very must for teaching so much about kung fu…

    i would like to send a link maybe interesting for you..

    some nice photos of taiji, also soldiers training with some kung fu.

    thank you!

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