Red Fist.

December 25, 2009

Hong quan/red fist

History:This is a Northern long fist school that is often synonymous with Shaolin. Its origin is unclear, but some attribute it to Song Taizu, the first Song emperor. Others believe that the word Hong is used because as an analogy to “bright” or “good looking”. Because of this ambiguity and the overlap with the popular Southern style Hung Gar, this has been one of the most muddled terms in Gungfu.

Hong Quan focuses on absorbing the adversary’s energy with a soft outside and a hard inside. Many of its forms are an important part of the Shaolin Temple curriculum. These include xiaohongquan (small red fist), dahongquan (big red fist), zhonghongquan (middle red fist), laohongquan (old red fist), fenhongquan (pink fist), taizuhongquan (first emperor fist), erluhongquan (second form red fist), guangxihongquan (Guangxi province red fist) and changshaohongquan (long and short red fist)…….

This must be my 2nd or 3rd entry about Red Fist, believed by many scholars to be a forerunner in the world of CKF.

There are also those who would tell you that this style is a major source of influence with both Northern and Southern styles stable.

In recent times, with the increasing emergence of info including videos, evaluation is made a whole lot easier; now we can all examine some of the long held viewpoints and theories about Hong Quan.

Personally, after going through quite a bit of Hong Quan books and videos, it’s hard to miss the many commonalties between Hong Quan and many northern/southern styles still in practice today.

One thing for sure, this is a “straightforward” system, with many of their movements you could see the “fight” ……straightaway………….

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