“Law” family spear.

December 25, 2009

Oooooh, don’t you just love the abundance of TCMA materials that are found over at youku, toudu and 56 ……

If only this phenomenon had started 30 years ago; wishful thinking hahahaha….. (Hey it’s Christmas…) I would have cleared up many of the puzzles that have been irking me all these years. Well, better late than never, I suppose.

Anyway …………..

It was about 2 years ago that I was over at Por Suk’s temple in Penang and after a regular interview session about his Cho Gar Ban Chung Wing Chun, we started talking about histories of TCKF in general.

And the topic of “Mo Suk” families crept into the picture; you know Hung, Mok, Li,Yang, Chong etc etc…

Por Suk told me how the older generations used to connect certain CKF weapons with a particular family; apparently, those families are the acknowledged first-rate practitioners of these weapons so much so that they become “synonymous” with the weapons.

With his typical “sing-song” style of narrating, he started rolling off a poem-like explanation.

“Chan Gar Kwon, Law Gar Cheong, Yu Gar Par ……” and I think there were 8 all in all but he was going so fast that I only caught the those 3.

Also because after that he started doing a little that he knows of Chan Gar Kwon (single head pole), Law Gar Cheong (spear) and Yu Gar Par (tiger fork) so the rest did not really register with me.

It was only after I left Penang and in Kuching that I decided to look up info about the various families and their outstanding weapon expertise.

In an old Hong Kong magazine, I found an article about “Law Gar Cheong” and this proved to be a true fascinating read.

And I remember thinking, how cool it would be if I could see Law Gar Cheong in action …… do I know anyone who might know this spear??? Watching Por Suk little display is just not adequate hahahaha…..at best whetting my appetite.

Spear, after sticks, is the other weapon that I spent enormous time studying and honing and I am constantly on the look-out for more….

Now, thanks to “56”, I have a complete “Law Gar Cheong” form – something that should keep me occupied for a while dissecting ….now how did the Sifu slipped the yang to ying hand before spitting the spear …. Hhhhmmmmm, spear must not leave the body, , body to rise and fall to keep the spear at eyebrow level ….. oooops there goes my holidays…….

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