So it is my birthday today…..

December 17, 2009

And life goes on ……hahahaha…..

But seriously, a big thank you to those who wrote in with well-wishes…

I promise to be more “serious” with this blog …..nah…maybe not hahaha….

I will just be me …seriously…

To Chas,Peter, Troy and Todd (and anyone else I missed out from Seattle), thanks for the super-cool German watch. Nathan, thanks for the “Carlsbergs”.

So what will I be doing to commemorate the day I landed on earth?

Nothing extraordinary really…everyday is different for me even in all that “ordinariness”.

It’s a mind thing, you understand.

The Chinese says “When the heart is calm, every thing is cool” …seriously…I am not making this up.

Annnnyway, just take a look at this pic of the waterfront area of Kuching.

Keep looking and all your worries will start to melt away.


Then I suggest you make a trip here and find out what I mean.

Folks, take it easy….nothing means more than to be alive.

Don’t let things around you bring you down – it never about the problem but how you deal with it that makes the difference.

So, cheers.

Go on, go out and get a beer – a real icy cold one.

Tomorrow we will stand up and fight again.

Me? I will be fighting with a new watch on my wrist …..hahahaha….

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