Musings on a raining day….

December 14, 2009

So I am in the middle of moving, 3 days away from my birthday and it starts to pour …..Where is all that water coming from!!!

So how old will I be hahahaha ….well if according to the Chinese “Men turn into a dragon at 40” then I will be a 10 years old dragon – a baby really hahahaha…..

You know what they say about birthdays; a time to reflect on the past and plan for the future …oh no, that’s New Year’s resolution …but hey since this is December month and the New Year is around the corner I might as well.

Got a mail from Wayne (Hinton) a few days back and he wrote “what if I find out I am going (read die) soon, would I had done things any different?”.

The answer is no.

I remember a very good childhood friend saying this to me once “if you do it don’t regret and if you are going to regret, don’t do it” …. Huh ???

Why can all words of wisdom be easy, straightforward and not Da-Vinci-coded?

I spent almost all my life pursuing a “ghost”; sometime you see it and sometime you don’t kind of “specter”.

A “specter” that is Fuzhou White Crane Boxing that has tested me in staying power, patience and all the ups and downs trying to get to the nucleus.

What is White Crane Boxing?

I guess I will never know for sure and that’s the part that makes it exciting for me, every little finding is fresh and motivationally moves me on.

All I do know is this – that my teachers/elders and seniors, recognizing my quest, charted out a Kung Fu journey for me, a journey that includes Shaolin Fukien Lohan, Grand Ancestor, Fuzhou Ancestral and Singing Crane.

Maybe after spending their entire life in the Crane arts, they know something that I don’t…….

Got a clip here that I compiled using materials from various sources and you’ll see Wuzu 28 (Singing Crane got a form with the exact same name), Taizu and something that I totally love; an old Sifu doing some brilliant Lohan.

The opening salute is so Ven. Sek’s Saolim Lohan … uncanny!!!

Annnyway, since it going to be my birthday … you know where to send the Carlsberg….hahahaha (read use the “Paypal donate button”.)

I will buy the Carlsberg here hahahaha….

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me ….. awww never mind!!!

Rain rain go away, come back to me another day ……. Hahahaha…..

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