Foot stomping Nanzhiquan.

December 7, 2009

And before anybody starts to think that I am “Hakka” …..hahahaha….. My father is Fuzhou MingChiang and mother is Fuzhou Kutien …. Making me “pure” Fuzhou….hahahaha….

Annnyway, here is another style of TCMA frequently associated with Chaozhou or Teochew in China.

Even around these parts, Nanzhiquan is kept within Teochew clans and here from a “sifuwu” clip is a little info :-

The founder Chen Nanzhi [陈南枝 1847-1925] propagated the art in Chaoshan (i.e. Chaozhou and Shantou areas). Derived from Fujian martial arts.

Nanzhi folks have their distinctive “foot-stomping” footwork that sets them apart from other Southern styles.


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