Emei Pai 峨眉派 book.

December 3, 2009

This system is named after the Emei Mountains, located in the Szechwan province of western China, and it incorporates low, strong stances, hopping movements, and powerful flipping actions that are generated from the wrists. Training involves the use of forms and weapons. One of the system’s main characteristics is the way that practitioners use force both to divert attacks from, and deliver strikes to, opponents. Emei incorporates a number of technique from monkey-style kung fu and its forms are particularly spectacular and officious.

Although not as popular outside Asia as Shaolin kung fu, emei quan is one of the five major systems recognized inside China.

Another book that I would be uploading soon …. A bit overloaded at the moment what with my current house lease expiring and preparations to move into a new place …..

Linking a “sifuwu” clip featuring a Emei Fire Dragon form “Siping” or “4 level”.

In the book, you’ll also find this form included.

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