The torch.

November 24, 2009

Something else from Peter during my Penang’s visit – an in-hse limited circulation magazine from Taiwan entitled “Torch of CKF”.

Love magazine like this and it’s also good to know of folks still putting in efforts to preserve TCKF.

In the world of ever increasing smoke and  “darkness” hovering over TCKF, the “torch” is really needed.

Actually I got a bunch of goodies from Peter that includes a Zhou Jia DVD from the recent Zhou Jia gathering in China that saw contingents from few countries performing Zhou Jia Quan.

Aaaaargh, only thing is I got to figure out how to convert the format for uploading – why can the Chinese just stick to standard format …. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhh!!!

Annnyway, some pages from the mag:-

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