No, it is not the snake.

November 22, 2009

Errrrr, a quick entry before I head on out …… what a nice sunny day…

Got a message asking if the form that you see Roosevelt do is “snake”?

I reckon it must be the “hissing” sound heard that prompted this…..

Well, the answer is no. That form is the Fuqing’s version of Singing Crane “SanChin”.

The “hissing” is one of the methods that Singing Crane teaches for power.

Look a little closer; you’ll see Flying, Feeding Crane and even a Lohan technique in the form.

Well, there was a time, long before folks start butchering and watering down forms that you could actually see “history & evolution” of techniques encapsulated in forms.

You want to research; you look at “old hands” and trace the genealogy.

So when the Okinawan says “Rokkishu” I straighten up. “Rokkishu” or “6 hands” is a terminology used amongst the older generations of Singing Crane elders.

Except they say it “Lurk Ki Chiu”…….

And if you look at the “6 hands” …..You’ll see uncanny resemblances………

Okay enough already…I am out of here.


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