Chad Osterlund.

November 22, 2009

Now lets see, the first time I set eyes on Chad Osterlund, he was barely out of his teenager’s years.

I remember him coming into the school, all bashful but willing to try anything. Chad came to me with some Lun Gar Pai kung fu but unlike Wayne, he is more receptive to what I have to teach him…..a less filled cup perhaps hahahaha…….

The fact that he is able to stay “relaxed” made him a good candidate of my White Crane kung fu.

And kung fu, as I later learned from him, was more than a pastime fascination; he was going to school and working as a “house detective” in one of the departmental stores in Denver.

So a little action is seen every now and then in his work.

Well, this kid that I was teaching to knock people’s brains out is now studying to be a brain surgeon….mollifying his conscience maybe?

Chad is currently obtaining his Ph.D in Neuroscience from CU Boulder
under the departments of Psychology and Biology….yup, the “brain” in the family.

When he was out here last year, we spoke of the prospect of him coming out to work in this region after his graduation….maybe…just maybe, we don’t have to wait  2 year before meeting each other.

Whatever, I know I can count on Wayne and him to pass on the art forms that I left with them.

The seed sown is now growing to join the other trees in the martial forest.

Ya, I feel good !!!

Chad doing a “monkey” locking technique.

Classic “middle-guard” posture in Fuzhou Singing Crane.

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