Stacy Warwick.

November 21, 2009

And before I bring Chad (Osterlund) on, here’s someone that I’ve picked for my next round of “Bai Si” ceremony….

Now let me see, to date I have only conducted 1 such ceremony – geeeeze, I got to learn to be more “productive” or less “fastidious” hahahaha and we are talking over a span of 12 years ……..

Nope, I don’t think so. I am a stickler to traditions and if I need to wait another 12 years for students to fulfill the right conditions….let it be so.

You know how they say “When the time is right, the teacher would appear”….. I think the reverse is also true. Right student appears at the “right” time.

And I think the “right” time for Stacy Warwick will be sometime next year.

Still going to school to become a horse vet (eeerh what is that?), Stacy started MAs training with her dad, Guru Jeff R Warwick, who was trained by Victor de Thouars. She moved on to train with GM Runes for 3 years before starting classes with Wayne Hinton.

That is how I met her, at Wayne’s and saw what a natural she is.

For the couple of weeks that I was in Colorado last, I put her through some more intricate techniques of Fuzhou Crane and was pleasantly surprised by the quick absorption.

Hey, the fact that Stacy is female like the founder of White Crane could have something to do with it ….hahahaha….

Well, whatever the case, she took to White Crane like fish to water and that’s something that I spotted right away.

So like the Chinese says ”花开堪折只需折,莫待无花空折枝”.

Okay Okay, translated this means “Pluck flowers as they bloom; wait and you’ll have only the twigs.”

So Wayne, get the flower ready………

And this being a Sunday and all, I think I will go out and “smell some roses”……..with my cats and dog.

Have a nice one!

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